Peig Sayers Redux



‘This is a show about super-peasants from the west, suburbia in the ’80s, state-making, sound, walking in single file, chewing seaweed, hauling sand, squatting, and smoking cigarettes…'(the blurb from Eating Seals And Seagulls’ Eggs).


Niall writes:

“This is Caitriona Ni Mhurchu’s theatre piece called Eating Seals and Seagulls’ Eggs. Written, directed and performed by herself, with help from a few pals including acclaimed visual artist Adam Gibney, this will not be how you remembered Irish class back in the day. It runs from Sun 14 to Sat 20 September [at the Cube, Project Arts Centre] at the Tiger Dublin Fringe….”

Tiger Dublin Fringe

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4 thoughts on “Peig Sayers Redux

  1. Jaysus

    Ah come on. Not even the tiniest audio excerpt of Caitriona’s performance or a shot of her on stage? Whoever cut that needs a clip round the ear.

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    The curse of modern Irish fringe theatre; the dramatised lecture. Wherein an audience, under the impression they’re going to see a play, is held hostage as an actor plays them self in a play written by them self and is usually only of interest to them self.

  3. Grace

    Eh Eamonn Clancy – you might want to read the articles you comment on.

    How can ‘The Irish Language’ or iconic irish heritage figure peig sayers be only of interest to Caitriona ? Just because she has written the play and performs in it doesn’t mean its only about her and of interest to her. Just out of interest, what do you think constitutes a ‘play’ anyway?

    What a reductive boring reaction to art. I have a suggestion – go and actually see more theatre if you want to make comments. This is the furthest from a dramatised lecture you can get.

    Also you are never ‘held hostage’ at a play, you can walk out and by all means, please do.

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