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My Ireland (2019).

Trailer for a forthcoming documentary by Tony Monaghan.

Johnny Keenan writes:

Tony, a construction worker turned documentary maker, came to prominence in 2013 by producing and directing ‘Rednecks + Culchies‘, [following the daily grind of drug addicts who worked for Monaghan’s construction company in Missouri]

Like most Irish immigrants, Tony’s view of Ireland has always being a heart-felt one. However his experiences and frustration in recent years have forced him to to make another documentary. This time specifically dealing with Ireland and our people.

This Belmullet, County Mayo-native, who left Ireland at 15, searches and seems to find he is not alone on his bleak outlook, and all things aren’t as green as they seem… Coming soon.

My Ireland

‘Someone For Everyone’

Episode 1: Miriam and Freddie

Starring Pearl O’Rourke and Mark Cantan.

Pearl writes:

My partner, Mark and I have put out a couple of episodes of our improvised mockumentary dating show (we play different characters in each episode) and we’re getting great feedback on Facebook. We’d love to get it out there more and thought Broadsheet readers might be into it…

Filmed by Luke Benson and Shane Robinson.

Episode 2 here


By Igloo Animations.

To wit:

‘Deposits concerns the connection of all the “disappeared”, who are the remains of those murdered by the Provisional Irish Army and those killed centuries earlier by British Redcoats. In common they are buried without trace, but are connected by hopes for discovery.’

Directed by Trevor Courtney, written by Adrienne Michel-Long, produced by Michael Algar and nominated for the Best Art Direction/Design in the Irish Animation Awards 2019.

Igloo Animations

‘Git Was Here’.

A passion project.

Lorcan Fox writes:

I am an Irish filmmaker based in London. I grew up in Dublin with a great group of friends with who I played sport, made music, and watched movies.

One of those good friends was Christopher Byrne, or ‘Git’ as a lot of Christophers are known in Dublin (for reasons nobody can quite agree on).

Chris was a gregarious character who was lucky enough to find and marry Caroline, and their son Harry was born in the autumn of 2014.

Sadly, just weeks later Chris was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour and despite several operations and amazing care from the Irish medical system, he passed away in March 2016.

A few months before my friend died, I interviewed him on camera about his life – his regrets, his legacy and his view on mortality.

This 90-minute chat is the genesis of this film. Around his two-year anniversary, I was ready to make a film not just about my friend dying, but also about the broader societal attitudes to death.

Losing Chris left an indelible mark on his friends and family and we want to examine some of the major questions that arise when we encounter death and consider our own mortality.

We are an independent operation, and to date our dedicated crew have worked tirelessly for hundreds of days for free and I have self-financed all essential costs such as transport, equipment and catering.

This is the ultimate passion project. But to finish the film we need to hand it over to a professional editor and someone who did not know Git personally, so they can edit the story objectively.

I know there are an infinite amount of good causes out there and a lot more front line, pressing needs but if you can contribute in anyway to getting this film finished please help out even a share on would be great.

Git Was Here (Indiegogo)

Concerned about youth mental health?

Want to help make a film?

Read on.

Irish filmmaker Nathan Fagan writes:

‘Flicker’ is an upcoming short drama exploring the experiences of Danny, a young college-age Dubliner, whose life begins to unravel after becoming the victim of a violent assault.

‘Flicker’ dramatises the psychological after-effects of violence and the subtle pressures – both internal and external – that often stand in the way to recovery. The film will explore the internalised shame and stigma that often surrounds mental health issues among young Irish men. .

Flicker is currently raising funds (€3,000) for production via Indiegogo

The new short film will be written and directed by directing team, myself and Luke Daly , otherwise known as Luna. It’s produced by Aaron McEnaney, for Irish production company Bold Puppy, and shot by DoP Kevin Minogue. It will feature a number of Ireland’s most exciting up-and-coming young actors.

Flicker: irish Short Film (Indigogo)

Shooting the Darkness.

A new documentary by Tom Burke (Losing Alaska) telling the story of local press photographers who “unwittingly became war correspondents during the Troubles in Northern Ireland”.

‘Shooting the Darkness’ will have a preview this Saturday at the Irish Film Institute, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 at 3.30pm followed by a Q and A with Tom, producer Thomas Kelly and photographer Alan Lewis.

Tickets here

Shooting The Darkness (Broadstone Films)

Top picture: ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Derry by Stanley Matchett (with permission)

Dreaming Squares.

Paddy Cahill writes:

Back in 2013 myself and Shane O’Toole filmed an interview with Ronnie Tallon – the most prolific architect in 20-century Ireland, and one of its most discerning – about his masterwork, the former Carrolls Cigarette Factory in Dundalk (top) – now, half a century later, an Institute of Technology.

This (above) is our recently completed short documentary from this interview, filmed shortly before Dr Tallon’s death in 2014, where he talks about why he loved the square shape for the infinite freedom it offers within fixed constraints….

Paddy Cahill