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A 12-minute Irish short film written by Gerard Faherty, who writes:

“I’m a filmmaker, writer and actor. I’ve just decided to put a short film online. My idea pre-coronavirus was to make another four and put them up online together as a web series. It works by itself though. It’s heavily inspired by Curb your Enthusiasm. If you like that, you might like this.”

Gerard Faherty

‘A mourning woman meets a would-be thief, and their unusual encounter helps pull her back from the edge….


A 16-minute Irish short film written by Chloë Ní Dhúada and directed by Zoe Kavanagh.

Chloe writes:

Tides deals with grief with the kind of dark humour reserved for those bleakest moments, and attempts to shed light on issues often left unexplored.


‘Morning Glory’.

By Mark Fisher, who writes:

 I’m an independent animation director. I recently finished this short film (above) that I’ve debuted online this week.

It’s a zero budget DIY film made over 2 years in my spare time. It’s a labor of love, and after the hard work of making it, it’s now the hard work of getting it seen by people….

Mark Fisher

Filmmaker Thomas Quain writes:

Don’t know if ye guys are sick of the election at this stage but if ye aren’t maybe check out my documentary on the subject.

One interesting aspect is I go back to the same polling station I interviewed people in in 2011 and 2016 to compare & contrast etc.

Thomas Quain Film

‘Quattro Colori’ 

A trailer for a bruising new documentary by Donal Moloney on Calcio Storico – an ancient form of football from the 16th century with teams of 27 a side, using both feet and hands.

The president of Calcio Storico called it the “greatest ever” documentary made about their sport following a recent screening in Florence, Italy.

Donal says:

The 73 minute documentary will now do the festival tour before it becomes available to the general public. It’s a totally Irish production. Myself and two others shot the entire movie over a 7 month period. It’s a self funded labour of love…

In fairness.

‘Quattro Colori’ will have its first Irish screening at the Fastnet Film Festival [May20-24] in Schull, County Cork where one of the main Calciante/players will also be involved in a post-screening  Q&A.

Donal Moloney


Teaser trailer for Irish-made short chosen as part of the Official Selection at the 2020 Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival

Co-Directed by Luke Daly and Nathan Fagan

Nathan writes:

‘Flicker’ tells the story of Danny (Peter Newington), a twenty-something Dubliner, who finds himself struggling to accept the full extent of his injuries after an unprovoked assault.

Moving through the house-parties, nightclubs and bars of today’s Dublin, ‘Flicker’ explores the subtle pressures of contemporary Irish masculinity.

The film explores the ways in which young Irish men navigate and discuss trauma, mental health and emotional vulnerability.

‘Flicker’ from Bold Puppy Productions will premiere in March at the 2020 Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival.

Boyz On Top.

Episode 1 of a new six-part mockumentary series.

Mikey writes:

My friend and I set out to make Ireland’s version of The Office. Not quite sure we achieved that but at the very least it’s a great showcase of some of the funniest people in Ireland you’ve never heard of, and Karl Spain.

It’s a six-part comedy series about an ageing boy band’s one final attempt at a reunion. Strangely relevant! New episodes every Sunday….