The Electric Picnic Poem



‘Electric Picnic’

By All-Ireland slam poetry champion John Cummins.

John will be appearing this weekend….at the picnic.

Kalle writes:

“With the Electric Picnic just around the proverbial rainy corner, I wanted to shine a light on one of the other areas at the festival that often gets ignored in favour of the big name acts (who already have plenty of hype and publicity behind them in fairness). For anyone interested in some witty, wacky, wise wordplay, then look no further than our brownbread mixtape show on The Word stage in Mindfield (Sat & Sun @ 5pm).
This year we will have our usual mix of Goons style radio sketches, as well as the reigning All Ireland Slam Poetry Champion, John Cummins, as well as lyrical legend Pearse McGloughlin on the bill. The stage itself, run by the shamanic Marty Mulligan, always features a brilliant array of spoken word and hip-hop artists. Worth a gander when you feel like unplugging from the madness…”

The Brownbread Mixtape – Two Shows at Electric Picnic 2014! (BrownbreadMixTape)

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3 thoughts on “The Electric Picnic Poem

  1. Mikeyfex

    Around the 25 sec mark he says, ‘best beware of the buzz of the juvenile jils’ (not sure of spelling). That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone from outside of Tuam say that word. I know what the person means when they say it but I’ve no idea where it originates from, or indeed how to spell it.

  2. eamonn clancy

    Ah poets, where would Irish writers elephant’s-graveyard, Sunday Miscellany, be without them?

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