TMZ On The Eye



TV3 reveal TMZ stalwart Peter O’Riordan as the latest addition to Xposé.

He’s from Cork though, proving you really can’t have it all.


More of the TV3 Autumn schedule to follow.

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31 thoughts on “TMZ On The Eye

  1. fluffybiscuits

    Whhooo? This is like that fella who annoys homeless people by taking their photo and that other snotty thing that writes classist reviews of restaurants , who are they???

  2. Dhaughton99

    I know we all love slagging off TV3 but RTE is also a big bucket of plop. And don’t start me on RTE2.

    1. Frankbullshitt

      Broadsheet covering the relevant issues of the day.
      Thank hunk for the dreamy fourth estate.

  3. missred

    Buff? Not with that pout or that accent I’m afraid. Or the shallowness. And then we have the narcissism.

    But the female viewers of Xposé will go mad for him

    1. rotide

      Writing people off based on accents?

      Next thing you’ll be calling people with strong northside accents knackers and we know where that ends.

    2. Anne

      “He’s from Cork though, proving you really can’t have it all.

      I think you should leave out the kidding bit though, for more improved outrage.

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