Your Feedback Is Important To Us



Irish News journalist Allison Morris receives fan mail correspondence from the righteous in response to this column.

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16 thoughts on “Your Feedback Is Important To Us

    1. well

      Part of the objective in them sending real mail is to demonstrate that they know where that person lives. They’re making an implication.

  1. pedeyw

    Seems fair. All us pro choice types are bullying, baby murdering, drunk, sodomites with cold, barbaric communist gay agendas.

    1. Liggy

      Actually I have warm, fuzzy equalitarian gay agendas…. AND cookies!
      Do I have to hand in my pro-choice card?

      1. pedeyw

        Sorry. Warm and fuzzy agenda doesn’t fit with right wing nut job agenda of portraying pro choice agenda as….wait where was I? Agendas for all!

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