‘It Cost A Bomb’



The jeans were on special offer…

Have you been on Dublin Bikes today?

Spotted anything brown, soft and crinkly?

Rob (above) writes:

“Don’t suppose anyone contacted you about finding a brown leather jacket [above] in the basket of Dublin Bike at the stand near the Charlemont Luas stop [Grand parade, Dublin 2] this morning? I know that’s a primary stomping ground for your readers :) Really like to get it back, I’ve had it for ages and it cost a bomb.”


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24 thoughts on “‘It Cost A Bomb’

  1. rmc

    Actually Its grand BS! I don’t want it back. I can never wear it again after this brutal sartorial beating :/

    1. rmc

      (only joking, 90s are hot right now anyway, everyone here is just jealous. Also Its probably not a great pic. I was on a boat at the time)

        1. realPolithicks

          Yes, pet don’t mind them at all. By the way, if the person who stole my brown suede jacket at the party in Pauline’s flat in Rathmines in 1985 is on here, I’d really love to get it back. Thanks.

          1. H

            Ditto to whoever swiped my Toner ladies biker jacket with two white stripes down the sleeves from Itchy Feet in Terenure on Xmas Eve 1985

          2. Spaghetti Hoop

            Left black bomber brass zip-up with tartan lining on the No. 66 c.1990. If ye see it on eBay….

      1. scottser

        90’s clothes were so bad that folks bought retro clothing styled on the 60s. you’ve just admitted that you weren’t fashion concious enough in the 90s to buy a fred perry.

  2. ahyeah

    pretty horrific jacket alright but it’s the beard that’s of real concern; looks like he’s being facefupped by a ferret.

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