33 thoughts on “Quite The Concept

  1. Zynks

    Absolutely gorgeous, but can’t avoid thinking that being hit by that car will be like a potato going through a chip slicer.

    Oh, and the back looks like a classic Bugatti.

  2. taralara

    why is the car allowed go that fast?
    wider question – why are all cars allowed go so far over the speed limit?

    1. The Old Boy

      A relatively small number of accidents happen at over, say 85 miles per hour, so there’s no political impetus to require that all cars be fitted with a limiter. It’s the kind of thing that would have to be done at an EU level anyway.

    2. Humans Eh!

      Yes! And running, no need for that!
      ‘sidewalk is for regular walking, not for fancy walking’

    3. Odis

      Why is the car allowed to go so fast? – It isn’t allowed to go that fast. It has to stay within the appropriate speed limit.

      If you mean why produce cars that go so fast. I think there is considerable competition amongst sports car makers to produce the highest end top speed that can be technically achieved.
      As the purchasers, will by necessity, be rich beyond most peoples imagination, and thus, have to belong to the set(s) of grossly rich people AND people who aspire to drive such vehicles.
      This is a very small pool of people.

  3. thefatlad

    Track Days.

    When you’re rich enough to afford a face melting bit of kit like this, that’s how you amuse yourself.

    Though the FXX you didn’t actually keep, they dropped it out to you whenever you wanted a spin. Grand for your track days. Sh*te if you want to go pick up some milk

  4. medieval knievel

    the concept (pun unintended) of quoting the top speed of a car that does not exist is a curious one.
    i have a concept in my head of a car that will do 0-60 in 1.7s, with a top speed of 450mph. is that more impressive than the figures above?

    1. medieval knievel

      also, it looks like driving over anything thicker than a human hair would cause crushed discs in your back. there’s no travel possible in the suspension, and the tyres appear to be painted on.

      1. Ronan

        Also, from the pictures above, the car appears to be no more than 10cm long which is totally impractical.

    1. benny

      I’m guessing that they’re powering electric motors off the engine.

      Maximum torque on most electric motors is at 0 RPM. So: If you power a motor off an ICE, you get huge acceleration from rest. Like what they’re quoting here.

  5. Mike Baldwin

    Medieval, my concept does 0-62Mph in 1.7s. Sorry mate. Also my concept has me being fellated by Courtney Cox whilst she holds my bag of money, so, I think we can all safely say that I win.

  6. Joe835

    This is about as much a concept car as what a child might draw on a sheet of A4 today during their first day in school.

    The designer is simply setting out his stall; he hasn’t been commissioned by Ferrari, Pininfarina or any other coachbuilder to do this. I’d actually wonder is he even legally-allowed use the Ferrari logo to promote his own work like that.

    And as for giving performance stats – ah here. Again, I could tell you all about my imaginary engine too – it does 300mph, 0-60 in 1.8 seconds and it fits in the glovebox because it’s also rotary!

    1. medieval knievel

      i was wondering if ferrari had indeed commissioned the design, but on his website, it’s listed as ‘independent study’.

  7. Anne

    You would look like a twonk stuck on the top of a speed bump outside Fatima mansions in that yoke!

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