They’ll Be The Ones Playing In Red


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Orla writes:

“The Electric Picnic…GAA with guitars.”


Electric Picnic

Photocall Ireland

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32 thoughts on “They’ll Be The Ones Playing In Red

  1. TheBeef

    I don’t get it. Is it news to Orla that Cork people are immensely proud of where they’re from and like to support their own if possible? The aim to is highlight the acts from Cork, not to encourage people to ignore all other acts. People will go see who they want to see and Orla needs to get a grip.

    1. Ahjayzis

      Works on a national scale too. RTE are kings at it. Remember MH17, took them all of two days to find an Australian nun with an Irish name – cue ringing around her circle of friends. No mention of whether she ever actually set foot here or not, mind.

      1. Jock

        I always cringe at that. Same with international celebs getting asked if they have any Irish connections. Or when I’m asked to support Irish bands? Why not support stuff I like.

    2. Outsidethedoor

      Rich to comment that on a site taht predominantly features Dublin media and news stories. Yawn.

    1. Jam

      how very high minded of you. I think its perfectly normal to take a greater interest in the activities and achievements of those closer to you. Be it geographically, generically or whatever.

    2. Kieran NYC

      And the same kind of people end up wearing their county GAA jerseys on nights out on holiday.

  2. Jeremy Kyle

    It would seem like a waste to me to come all the way from Cork to watch bands that frequently play in Cork at Electric Picnic, but to be fair it’ a column in the Echo.

    1. Jackie Healy Rae Seductively Eating a Banana

      The problem is they’re allowed out of Cork in the first place.

  3. JunkFace

    County pride is for idiots. So too is Patriotism. RTE Sports commentators always make me cringe.
    “What’s the Irish connection? “What’s the Irish connection? Who gives a horses a s s!

  4. Gee Bague

    “The Electric Picnic…GAA with guitars.”?

    No, it’s McGill Summer School after-party. Tosseur central. Same age profile.

  5. stevie grainger

    This is my article. For a regional newspaper. Who often look for a regional angle to distinguish them from many of the other Dublin centric national newspapers. The author of this piece on Broadsheet, who is obviously more than a little bored today, may have missed the piece i did for Nialler previewing the picnic in a national newspaper, and which makes little reference to Cork. I’ve worked both nationally, internationally and locally here in the music scene for 20 years and don’t distinguish between music here and elsewhere unless asked. Answering a question by Nialler 9 for his piece i put it like this

    “How important are the Irish bands on the lineup?”

    “I hardly even distinguish between Irish acts & foreign ones these days. We are operating at a genuinely top class level and are obviously an integral part of things on merit now too”

    This sums up my view

    I have previously written broader previews of this festival in both the Evening Echo and elsewhere which look at the line-up from this broad perspective and hardly mention Cork. This was the angle that suited this week, and this is the angle i took. Throwing a bit of light on some of the best local acts that are playing at Ireland’s biggest festival. I don’t see the problem. I’m been promoting the hell out of music from not just Cork but all over for many years. And have been promoting this festival from the start. This is just one small article using one angle. Read it. You might learn something

    Stevie Grainger (Stevie G)

  6. Joe

    I fail to see the problem with this. It’s a Cork paper, I’m sure even readers not going will be curious as to if they know anyone playing it, and what’s wrong with a local paper promoting local acts?

    Furthermore, in many cases I’m sure these are up-and-coming acts who would have gotten little exposure if it weren’t for the likes of Stevie.

    Would Orla rather read the same regurgitated “10 bands you’ve already heard of that you have to see at this year’s Picnic?” shite over and over?

    Perhaps ANOTHER article telling us that Blondie and Pet Shop Boys are “not to be missed” this weekend? Thanks for that, half-arsed music hack, tell me more about these acts, are they the latest YouTube sensation?

  7. Otis Blue

    Hardly matters anyway as the Echo has a circulation of less than 14000 copies daily.

    I’d wager that little of its demographic is pushed about the Electric Picnic, Cork bands or not.

  8. Stevie Grainger

    Not sure what the GAA thing is about. As far as I’m aware, corks participation in high profile GAA events has ended this year. I’m more of a soccer man myself, and certainly don’t wear jerseys of any code, but I did note that the author of this articles twitter account is littered with references to such local heroes as BOD and co. Can’t believe people are so Irish centric on an Irish website. Hold the front page!


    Who is Orla?

    It’s all a bit vague

    1. Friday

      Well Stevie, Cork is Not Dublin, which means it’s the sticks, where people play GAA (pronounced “gaa” or “bogball”) and everyone is narrow-minded, uncultured and generally pitiable. /sarcasm

      I can’t imagine there being a similar reaction if a Dublin-based DJ tweeted
      “What Dublin acts are playing the @EPfestival this weekend?” That would be focusing on local home-grown talent, which is laudable, but when it’s done in Cork it’s perceived as provincial and sad.

  9. Stevie Grainger

    When Orla, or the author, or whoever, is googling electric picnic headliners such as Outkast and Portishead, (who are among those also covered in the article they didn’t read) this weekend, he or she might do well to examine their musical origins and discover how their music was partly shaped by their upbringing In regions that were not traditionally big acclaimed musical hotspots. But I digress. If you want any more information feel free to contact me on th twitter account you are obviously following!

  10. Mick

    Stevie, I would waste your time on these pseudo journalists.

    It´s funny because the comments are more entertaining than most of the stuff they post.

  11. Stevie Grainger

    Well, broadsheet apologised to me via twitter last night so I’m gonna take it at face value and move on. It was just some lazy misguided stereotyping I guess. I’m off to the Picnic enjoy it if you are up there folks!

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