Byrne ‘n’ Bush



“Well if your mother is from Waterford that means Val Doonican country…”

When Uncle Gaybo met 19 year-old Kate Bush on The Late Late Show in 1978.

She was not to return.

MORE: Kate’s performance on the Late Late that night.

Via RTÉ Archives

Previously: Seventies Bush

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25 thoughts on “Byrne ‘n’ Bush

    1. gallantman

      I suspect Gay Byrne was never the ‘world class broadcaster’ nostalgia would have us believe. More a case of the one eyed man in the land of the blind….

      1. rotide

        He was very very very good.

        Go look at the youtube clip of him with the dreadful phone in car competition. There’s not many broadcasters in the world who’d deal with that so well.

        1. Kill the Poor

          Ah he was grand, not in anyway world class. Big fish , very very very small pond.

          He got 40 old years of live tv on the job training before that phone call !

          He’d probably accumulated the 10,000 hours of practice needed to be an expert for that one moment ! Though that one moment does not forgive the rest of his patronisning misogynistic & religiously deferential career.

        2. LiamZero

          “And why did she die?”, said in that awful, patronising, ‘I’m your Uncle Gaybo’ sing-song tone. I don’t think he really did handle it so well. Go look at it again yourself.

      1. Anne

        Well, I’m sure Gaybo is endearing to someone.

        Besides if you’re going to be wrong, you might as well be spectacularly wrong as Alan Hansen said.

  1. frankiej

    Great that she corrects him when he says “music and show business” and she says “Music”. It’s not twink you’re talking to Gay.

    He was always worrying about money, getting tablets cheap?!! What kind of a statement was that?

    Overall, a woeful pain in the h0Lé.

  2. Mr. T.

    The epitome of pompous smug petty Irish snobbery. Loved saying “Montrose” instead of RTE because it sounded posh and exclusive. He wasn’t in the least bit controversial. He was the very carefully choreographed window to the world for village idiots who couldn’t be bothered ever working things out for themselves. Guests like Annie Murphy were only interviewed because the issue was already in the public domain. His job was to dictate the narrative and determine the national groupthink reaction to the subject.

    I have zero respect for the man.

  3. Sysiphus

    I remember seeing him interview Jonathan Miller, the english comedian (beyond the fringe), playwright, director, doctor, scientist and skeptic….. after JM had outlined his particular view point – which Gaybo either disagreed with or didn’t understand – he (GB) in his usual condescending tone asked “You don’t really believe that??” At which point JM span his chair so the back was facing GB, put his arms behind his head and slid down to a comfortable “FU” position… he was the star guest for the night….. (1st May 1985)

  4. Royal M

    I just had to stop the video after a couple of seconds. Seeing one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time being patronised by Uncle Gaybo is just too much to handle.

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