The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Saggart, Co Dublin this afternoon.

He sure was phat.

Laura writes:

“The gold plated coffin carrying the remains of  Andy Connors, known in the press as Fat Andy. Mr Connors was shot at his family home around the corner from the Church on August 20. The coffin reportedly cost €28,000 and was imported from England.”

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

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37 thoughts on “Gangsta

    1. Outta me Bento Box

      Buzzkillington here.

      Seriously though – spot on. Cheeky Chappies like this thug prey on the week

    1. Mikeyfex

      That’s a straight-up two fingers to Neil Fallon’s sentiments in ‘Electric Worry’

      Doctor or lawyer, I’ll never be.
      Life of a drifter – only life for me,
      You can have your riches, all the gold you saved.
      Cause’ ain’t room for one thing in everybody’s grave.

  1. Odis

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I buried both my Mum and Dad in gold plated coffins with platinum name plates, that now retail for about 40K a piece.

    Cheapskates if you ask me.

  2. Del McG

    To paraphrase Father Ted: With something like this, it would be so easy to make it look cheap and tacky. But just look at him there…. Pure class.

  3. Maro

    The funniest thing about it is that when archaeologists dig him up a thousand years from now, they will decide that he was some kind of king!

    1. WOD

      Exactly! Tried making that point earlier on here but I referred to the late Mr Connors in somewhat pejorative terms. Just imagine the amount of fear, heartache and nuisance associated with how these assh*les generate the cash to buy sh*t like this..

  4. Haroo von Haroo

    He was called fat Andy by his traveller peers. They tend to use the same names and come up with nicknames to distinguish them. ‘Pale’ millet ‘soft’ miley etc are some of the ones I have come across.

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