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‘Wicklow Litter Watch’ reports “thousands of copies” of the Wicklow Times dumped close to Tinakilly House in Rathnew.

The incident has been reported to the Pure Project for an Environmental Officer to investigate the site and remove the material.

More as we they get it.

UPDATE: Response from Wicklow Times (see comments).

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24 thoughts on “How Mulch?

  1. Random

    Sure it’s only a rag full of Simon Harris picture poses. The right thing to do though would be send Simon and the bales of rags straight to the recycling centre

    1. munkifisht

      Me too. Feck delivering 200+ papers for less than £10.

      (PS Jokes probably on me today as I still have back problems from doing that)

  2. eamonn clancy

    You think that’s bad? Try having a look around the “offices” (usually a shed out the back or a spare room) of Arts Council funded poetry publishers.

  3. Shay Fitzmaurice

    Very distressed by this, also very angry.

    • The papers shown in photos are from mid-February
    • Had they been out in the elements since then they would be pulp
    • There appear to be about 250 copies in bundles
    • How anyone would have sourced these (still in bound bundles) is beyond me
    • Have been on to the Council, who have never heard of Wicklow Litter Watch
    • Have been on to Ian Davis in Pure who again has never heard of Wicklow Litter Watch
    • Wicklow Tidy towns have never heard of Wicklow Litter Watch
    • Local Councillors who I contacted never heard of Wicklow Litter Watch
    • There is no company registered as Wicklow Litter Watch
    • There is no business name registered as Wicklow Litter Watch
    • Pure sent a team out to the site but could find nothing
    • We sent a team who spent 2 hours searching but could find nothing
    • The owner of the land knows nothing about any dumping
    • Wicklow Litter Watch sent e-mails to all our advertisers, past and present, (how did they know their e-mail addresses?)
    • One advertiser from Cork, send me back an email saying that he was perplexed as he only gives his email to media outlets
    • If this was a serious complaint surely we would have been contacted
    • My view is that it is a malicious attempt at slurring the reputation of our paper, probably by a competitor .
    • I have reported the matter to the Gardai who are investigating
    • We will take appropriate legal action as soon as we identify who is behind this

    If more information comes to hand I will keep you informed


    Shay Fitzmaurice
    Editor Wicklow Times

    1. munkifisht

      Well done. Probably the most serious journalism you’ve done in year :).

      In fairness, if it is a competitor what a bollix move.

  4. Shay

    Nobody knows them, it appears the email account was set up with one goal in mind, to do damage to our paper.
    Very surprised that Broadsheet would publish this clear slander without making any attempt to verify that this bogus organisation existed.
    They didn’t even check with the Pure Project.

    1. Italia'90

      @ Shay Is the North Wicklow Times still referred to locally as The John Brady Times?
      Looks to me like Brady has gotten tired of you Shay and is now trying to stab you in the back?
      Perhaps you should call one of his minions down there in Arklow, Charlie Melia, who seems to be fronting that and Wicklow council watch FB page…
      You have thought young grasshopper well Shay.

      1. Mé Féin

        Did Shay teach you to be semi-literate? Or did he just teach you how to garble facts up in your head?
        I’m from Wicklow and never heard of any of these groups before, but it is clear that Wicklow Litter Watch and Wicklow Watch are different groups/individuals. Or perhaps you think Wicklow Watch is running some kind of ploy to ask how to contact itself.
        And what does John Brady have to do with anything? If you disagree with his politics or party (Sinn Féin, for the curious), have the balls to say so instead of sneaking in some slithery slander.

        1. Italia'90

          You say you are from Wicklow and you have never heard of these groups before?
          Then you say these groups are clearly different groups/individuals.
          How do you know?
          How can you say so with such certainty?
          As for the tinpot soldier, you must not be aware of his underhand tactics and previous slanderous campaigns?
          Away now with you and practise your punctuation. You might get time to fit in some masterbation while you’re at it.

  5. Charlie Melia

    Firstly I am not and never been a member of any political party or organisation. So claiming I’m Sinn Fein should be backed up with evidence otherwise its just tripe.

    Secondly there is no connection at all between and Wicklow Litter Watch. I hadn’t heard of them until I saw the email which was forwarded to me by a council candidate.
    The Wicklow Litter Watch I can find is a Wicklow County Council initiative set up in 2008 with €350,000 funding.
    Here is the link to the Oireachtas debate setting it up

    Finally I have just received an email from them with only a link to this story. Nothing else.

    Charlie Melia

  6. Waiting in the long grass

    Ha! Wicklow Times has been running down this county for years and showing pictures of overflowing bins and using headlines like ‘dirty beaches’, ‘fat cats’ and ‘whistleblowers’. Anyone of a thousand people could have sent emails. The important thing is the papers were dumped – don’t shoot the messenger. Some questions – If the story is slander, why hasn’t it been taken down? Did the council clear up the mess before Pure and WT got there? They are the ones responsible for these things not Pure. Best of luck to Wicklow Litter Watch for exposing hypocrites

    1. Davida Bradshaw

      Waiting in the long grass…there is no such company so I don’t know what your spouting on about!

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