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This morning.

Blackrock, County Dublin.


Ultan Mashup writes:

Bags of dog poop clogging up bin at Carysfort Blackrock dog park. Class Act…


This morning.

Thanks Ultan

3.45pm UPDATE:


Ultan writes:

I called Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (DLRCC.) Tip: quote the bin number too if you can see it as well as location. Kudos DLRCC…

See y’all Plogging next week…


Save poo bag Poolbeg.

Thanks Ultan

Ah here.

SeaFishing Ireland tweetz:

Some really s****y and selfish behaviour by rockfishing anglers at the Hook, Wexford. Take your mess home. Leave no trace. #shameful #fishirl @CleanCoasts Some of this gear is sold locally too. #angling

A fascinating short documentary by Nathan Truesdell about the 1986 Guinness record attempt by the city of Cleveland, Ohio to simultaneously release 1.5 million balloons – a spectacular stunt that turned into an environmental disaster as the city realised it was just littering on a gigantic, wildlife harming, health and safety baiting scale.