20 thoughts on “Mad For Sh*t

    1. scottser

      anyway, that isn’t important. what is important is beer. although, in the absence of beer i could go with chocolate.

        1. scottser

          did someone say haribo. yep, in the absence of beer or chocolate their chewy loveliness would also suffice.

  1. Optimus Grime

    Ah Broadsheet stop lending oxygen to the Harbo fire! We get it! He’s a leader, a pillar of the city, a captain among men. Enough already!

  2. Chris

    Ok Harbo, I have never posted or acknowledged any of your increasingly annoying activity online but now it is all coming out in on leviathan post.

    This was a list of 10 get rich quick ‘scams’ I read, I applied it to Harbo and found interesting results…I did not write the list, I would like to be clear about that so I am not later accused of plagiarising it. My comments are in brackets.

    Also ‘scams’ here in my view is equated to ‘hacks’ I am not implying Harbo did anything illegal!

    1. Clone a Porn Site Scam

    (In Harbo’s case forn, or food porn.)

    2. Write a ‘How to Get Rich’ Book Scam…Don’t know what to write? It’s easy. Let’s see, Chapter 1 How to think like a winner. Chapter 2 Take command of your destiny. Chapter 3 Cultivating the dream.

    (Alas, Harbo’s got this one checked now!)

    3. Identity Theft Scam

    (This once a stretch but you could say he has created a false identity for himself, one in which he’s not a cretin.)

    4. The Well-Dressed Beggar Scam

    (Well this one speaks for itself)

    5. The Expiry-Date-Approaching Scam

    (Social Media PR and Marketing anyone?)

    6. The Psychic Scam

    (Okay claiming to be an online Social Media Marketing Guru isn’t the same as claiming to be psychic but booth sound like hocus pocus could be afoot.)

    7 .The E-Bay Scam

    (Not entirely fitting to Harbo. Although selling Jesus toast and selling inspirational ideas are not worlds apart)

    8. The Pyramid Scheme Scam

    (Okay Harbo gets a clear pass hear, definitely no pyramid scams in sight.)

    9. Start a Cult

    (This ones pretty clear, Lovindubliners unite!)

    10. The Military Industrial Complex Scam

    (Ok fair enough. Not yet but watch this space!…with enough cash he could have the capacity to turn Ganleyesque)

  3. selfie sensation

    Think I saw the man just this minute coming out of the spar on Barrow Street and getting into a big black 4×4, a proper scowl he had on his face.

  4. jimbiscuits

    In all seriousness – the Creativity In the book on the left above is an excellent read. Would thoroughly recommend it to everyone. Written by the head of Pixar – a fascinating read.

    1. Lilly

      Wish I could say the same about Get Sh*t Done. It wasn’t terrible – my only investment was time, I didn’t buy it – but it didn’t exactly linger in the mind either. The most thing I took from it is: thank Christ I’m not a chef.

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