Meanwhile, In The Sky Over Dublin


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66 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The Sky Over Dublin

  1. GiGi

    Sometimes when the wind is coming in a certain direction we can hear the Renelagh LUAS in Ballsbridge which is kind of a very unique noise. It’s kind of a whirring noise. We heard the same whirring noise but it hit louder and louder and then these two f16s flew over our house today. Husband looked at me and said “This is what war must sound like”, it’s a very distinctive noise. Without sounding dramatic it’s so powerful, it’s quite terrifying.

      1. Chris

        It was for the Croke Park college football game. They flew by after the American national anthem.

  2. Al

    No sign of Richard Boyd Barrett complaining about the American war machine yet, very disappointing

    1. Tragic Kingdom

      Let’s see Margaretta Ruth D’Arcy, Mick Wallace and his girlfriend protest about that on the pitch at Croker. Go on.

        1. cluster

          Clare Daly has only herself to blame.

          She is impossible to take seriously as a leftist advocate, no matter what she says, while operating hand-in-hand with that property developer, tax cheat thief.

  3. The bringer of facts

    Croke park will be lovely when it’s finished.

    Watching the game and they have shown the ugly and empty hill 16 about 3 times.

    1. Wayne.F

      Yes the 4th largest stadium in Europe is not finished! The reason it can’t be finished is the rail line would have to be closed for the duration of the construction!

      1. The bringer of facts

        Ya, why finish it? Makes sense to leave it unfinished and ugly.

        Cheap and ugly: Irish architecture.

        1. Wayne.F

          It’s finished, but sure if you want we can close the rail line from Dublin for 6-8 months to build a full bowl stadium that would look like any other one on the world

          1. The bringer of facts

            It’s unfinished. Fact.

            Ask croke park about their original plan to demolish hill 16. Fact.

            Facts, brung.

          2. Wayne.F

            Two tiny problems 1. The GAA at the time of development didn’t own the land behind the Hill & still don’t!, secondly and most importantly the rail line. Their original vision/ suggestion was never submitted as a development plan in fact no official design or tender was out out for a redevelopment! So you have brought no facts just out dated and inaccurate information!

          3. Wayne.F

            Landsdowne the line all ready went under the old stand, with Croke park they would have had to,close the Maynooth line & purchase the land behind the Hill

          4. Jay

            That doesn’t really explain how it isn’t possible, especially given that they entirely knocked the old lansdowne stand, it’s not like they just refurbished it.

          5. Wayne.F

            They owned the land around the stand and on the other side of the railway, the GAA don’t. The line was closed for a number of days to facilitate construction, with Croke park for a significant increase in capacity the financial costs and the disruption to rail services would be significantly higher than the redeveloped Landsdowne Rd.

            Also the stadium design is different to the new Landsdowne Rd! I am sure there are some engineers on here that can explain it in more detailed and sufficient manner

          6. cluster

            They should be able to build without shutting down the railway ( except got a some isolated stoppages) if they owned the land on both sides, which apparently they don’t.

        2. rotide

          I hope they never get rid of the Hill. To some it might be ugly, but to many its part of the charm and atmosphere of the place.

          1. The correcter of grammar

            Second mother ‘joke’ in about an hour. Not since I was in the playground etc.

  4. The bringer of facts

    ESPN are now showing a road bowls piece at half time, taking the puss out of what the old fellas are wearing. Showing a map of the road they are using with pictures of leprechauns and pots of gold.

    Also playing diddly eye music over it all.

    The condescending tone is overwhelming.

    Also, the ads on ESPN are breathing taking in their frequency. Hard to remember what you were watching.

    1. will-billy

      so what, it sounds fairly harmless compared to the anti american bigotry that is often broadcast here

  5. Jay

    Just as an aside, those jets look armed with what I’m guessing are AMRAAMs under wing, along with two fuel tanks, and some sidewinders on the wings perhaps? Isn’t it illegal for them to enter irish airspace armed? The same way they can’t move arms through Shannon.

    1. Wayne.F

      I was at the game no weapons on either of the jets just two fuel pods. They were flown from Germany to the UK yesterday for the event

    2. neil

      They equip fake missiles for display purposes (air shows etc.), the aircraft looks a bit weird without the missiles on the wing tips.

  6. bozo

    Why do they feel the need to militarise everything? more importantly why were they allowed to do this. Given what these planes are used for I find it disgusting that there are people in Dublin cheering as they flew by.

    1. Pablo

      In Europe we’ve been in the fortunate position of being able to benefit from American military protection while also wringing our hands about it. Nice.

        1. will-billy

          for chrissakes such fuppin stupidity

          here’s a q: who supplied many of the weapons ISIS are using?

  7. retroboy

    Flew right over my house. Everything shook, cat bolted and hid. Alarms went off.

    For ten seconds, I understood what it must be like, to be in Gaza.

    Thankfully these F-16s were not dropping bombs.

    1. rotide

      No, you really didn’t have any understanding what it’s like to be in gaza.

      But you know, keep liking stuff on facebook and posting on broadsheet and you can keep pretending.

        1. rotide

          I have absolutely no idea what it’s like to live in a warzone where horror occur on a daily basis and you live in very real fear for your life.

          Neither does retroboy.

    2. The correcter of grammar

      How come? Within those 10 seconds, someone entered your home, murdered your children, left you with a fractured spleen and reduced your house to rubble?

      Or you just heard a loud noise?

    3. Tragic Kingdom

      You should spend time understanding what it is like to be a child in Israel when the incoming rocket alarms go off too.

      1. The bringer of facts

        They get to watch fireworks in the sky, sounds like great fun.

        Then they can go watch the Israeli Air Force retaliate live on tv. In their air conditioned home, with running water and selection of fresh foods.

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