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Barry Cummins writes:

A friend of mine got some great pictures of a Seagull…… being eaten by a sparrow hawk (thanks Google Images) right in the comfort of his own back garden. It took the bird of prey two hours to finish the job.

UPDATE: As Mark points out in comments, the unfortunate prey bird may have been a dove or a pigeon. Seagulls have webbed feet.

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11 thoughts on “Snackbird

  1. H

    There was a kestrel eating a pigeon in my garden when I got home from work the other week, I took pics too but resisted the temptation to post them online…

  2. coco

    Found the beheaded remains of a pigeon just like this today in our front garden (Donnybrook).
    Blood and feathers all over the driveway too!

  3. Tragic Kingdom

    That’s nature. Poisoning such beautiful creatures is natures way. I agree sea gull is tasty though. Anyone remember Jon Don in Booterstown’s Chicken and Chips? Kept Blackrock College boys fed and made them the men they are today.

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