And How Was It For You?


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Best EP ever or a bit naff in fairness?

Scenes from the Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Co Laois at the weekend.

From top: Eve Doyle and Rebbecca Hogan Doyle; Mia Morrisey and Rosin Rooney; The Heneiken Sound Atlas stage basketball court; Sarah Walshe and Edwina Walshe; Rozanna Purcell; the front row; Laura Whitmore; Main stage, Festival grounds; Joe and Fintan Birmingham; Jack Reynor; Sinead O’Connor; ‘Snappers’ Taking pictures of Ms O’Connor; ‘Wezanna’; Paolo Nutini and ‘revellers’ at the front for Mr Nutini.

(Sam Boal/Photocall ireland)

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20 thoughts on “And How Was It For You?

  1. Reegore

    Think the whole boutique thing is becoming an excuse to serve up a pretty darn average lineup. Great weekend nonetheless! Sin O’con was awful – no nothing compares or mandika come on!! Rubberbandits, rsag, ham sambo were brill

    1. fits

      she had sound problems through the set and didnt have time to play her last song as a result :( I thought she was pretty good. Some sublime moments. some dull.

      1. Reegore

        I think her being on the main stage compounded the sound problems. The dull moments would have been brilliant in a rammed tent that you could hear a pin drop in

        1. Maxi

          Worst performance of the weekend. Woman is a joke. I foresee some big explosion of attention-seeking in next few weeks to make sure she gets press. Watch this space

  2. Guido

    Really didn’t look like that walking through it this morning. More like last days of the Roman Empire crossed with the slums of Calcutta.

  3. Brian S

    Awful line up. Awful scheduling. Who puts Mogwai and slowdive on at the same time?! Mogwai tore it up. Great set.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Bunch o’ feckin’ moans, Sinead’s performance was poor, but I’m forgiving of her…haha:) …there’s plenty more to see… and if you wanted crap, Simple Minds was like watching a stroke develop slowly… but there were plenty of deadly moments.
    Saturday night London Grammar, whom I’d nearly confined to the shoe-gazy-doom bin were f**king brilliant, crowd were brilliant, blew my f**king socks off… hair standing on the back of my head stuff :) a few minutes later after that and Portishead gave a thundering set. Pet Shop Boys, Beck, Blondie all had great party buzzes going on …loads more… and then…. Drenge….. F**K YEAH! Drenge were f**king awesome, proper awesome :) Thank fupp for the weather too !–0IQQW2j8O

  5. Haroo von Haroo

    Though it was really amazing. We cycled down from Stoneybatter with our infant son, will, he starts in Stoneybatter educate together today. Hopefully he can get into belvedere. Had a few tokes and got into some new craft beers at the picnic. Can’t wait till next year.

    1. Jimmy Rimmel

      Good one. Seriously it’s no place for infants or toddlers, you might as well take them to a crowded nightclub. As for boutique – an hour long queue for a pressure – less cold shower and filthy toilets (plus mile long queues for the women’s) – accept it for hat it is, a gigantic piss up

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        For those that do bring young kids, how can they give it proper welly at the gigs if they’re minding the chiseller?

        1. Jimmy Rimmel

          I had a great time and astonishing piss up which is why I didn’t bring my baby son – funnily enough I’m not sure he would have enjoyed it

  6. Fergalito

    What? Complaints about scheduling, toilets and the line-up? I didn’t see that coming.

    I guess some people just had to make the best of it. Like exiled Russian intellectuals in a Siberian gulag. Perhaps we’ll get an astounding memoir or two out of it. Every cloud gas a silver lining and so on and so forth…

  7. Malatey

    Actually had one of the best picnics ever! Fourth time going. Didnt recognise half of the bands & it worked out really well coz there was no pressure to see 15-20 specific acts over the 3 days. Just went with the flow & stayed with the crew. Weather worked out great! And Paolo was unbleeeevs god bless him. And Outkast were brill, London Grammer great, Dublin Gospel choir brilliant as ever. Great buzz, memorable weekend :)

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