7 thoughts on “Build A Bridge

  1. bisted

    …. Looking forward to another great game this weekend and a great football final after that. Whoever wins, the only people who will gain financially will be the GAA which seems to have been taken over by marketing types and bean-counters. Amateur sportsmen and women who give so much commitment deserve better than that shower in Croke Park.
    …great headline BTW.

    1. Collywobble

      You may well get your wish soon. There’s very little amateur about the Dublin senior footballers now. All semi-pro really. This will slowly spread and ruin the games.

    2. Planet of the Missing Biros

      Only people who don’t understand what the GAA do for communities across the country come out with crap like this.

      Go back to watching English soccer and cheer on a city you’ve never visited with players from other countries and fans whose grand-parents were the last ones to witness proper English club football.

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    Looks like “Gobsh**e of the year” award goes to some bumpkin in Kilkenny. More when we have it…

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