‘He Has A Blue Collar’



Rory McCormick, from I&C Studio in Temple Bar, writes:

“I found this dog this morning wandering aimlessly around Temple Bar/Millennium bridge, he does have a blue collar and appears to be a Collie mix.”


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6 thoughts on “‘He Has A Blue Collar’

  1. rob

    Looks like a dog I saw on a facebook post, that ran off from Cruagh Wood/Hellfire Wood few months ago. Cant find the post now anyway.

  2. Planet of the Missing Biros

    Stop taking people’s dogs off the street.

    Oh look, chipboard and easel leg tables with carefully casually placed design books. How original. You need take another trip over to New York. It’s been too long.

  3. scottser

    there’s a few folk on here that should have taken the day off instead of going into work hungover, methinks.
    anyway rory – take the dog to your nearest vet and see if it’s been chipped. otherwise dscpa have a lost/found pets notice board. walkies in the phoenix park for you lad, bring a plastic bag.

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