‘I Don’t Like Donegal’


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Naomi Milton-Skerrett writes:

This is my nephew, Cuan-James aged 5. Gutted that Dublin lost last night. Just before his mum started recording he cried ‘I cant believe it, this is. The. Worst. Day. Ever’!

Goal rush seals stunning win for Donegal as champions Dublin crash out (Irish Times)

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25 thoughts on “‘I Don’t Like Donegal’

  1. Mikeyfex

    Ha ha. the bite out of the cake at the end.

    Just like me after another fruitless Friday night on the town.

  2. ahyeah

    Why would someone feel the need to post this on the internet? A kid crying for something silly…happens all the time, no?

  3. pissedasanewt

    I’ve got a similar video of Enda Kenny on Sat night. Except it was Kerry and a pint of Guinness instead of cake.

  4. isthepopeacatlick

    This kids probably more mature than most of the Donegal fans in the section I was in in Croker yesterday though. The booing for every Dublin free or goal kick was so dumb, childish and unnecessary. Adults acting like school kids at their first ever game. I actually enjoyed the amazing atmosphere they created when their team was winning, but then they went and ruined it.

    1. The Old Boy

      The reaction of some Dublin fans could hardly be said to have been mature and reasoned either. There are elements of it in every band of supporters. It’s a pity but it’s hardly new.

  5. Derval

    If he has a quadruple barrelled name then he’ll have something real to cry about when he hits his teens.
    Cuan-James Milton-Skerrett?

      1. Derval

        It’s just that it’s an awful slippery slope.
        Will his child have a triple barrelled name?
        Michael-Daragh Milton-Skerrett-O’Shaughnessy.

        Just pick one first name and one surname

        1. Willy r-wontey

          That’s a very insightful comment Derval, are you usually this classy? How do you spend your time when you’re not busy hanging around comments sections insulting children?

  6. awex

    Derval your a treasure….you highlight all that is amazing about this video…This kid will be happy and positive about 4 seconds after his cake, you unfortunately will still be trolling 5 yr olds on t’Internet. ..

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