40 thoughts on “The Church Park Way

  1. singing detective

    ‘This Room Has Been Let, here are some similar properties in the area.’

    Call the guards quicker.

  2. figleaf

    I’d hope Daft have removed that ad because it wasn’t checked before it was put up.
    That’s completely and utterly gross.

  3. Caroline

    No picture of this sexy, outspoken yet simultaneously laid-back and only a little bit eccentric gentleman. Ergo he has a face like a melted Brunch, is lazy and weird and is so relaxed around women he giggles and calls them dames. And, not that I’ve considered this offer in way too much detail, but there’s not really much of a discount on the rent given the other duties involved.

    (I’ll put it in the maybe pile.)

  4. Anne

    I might consider it, if the rent was free*

    Hmm let’s see.
    You pay 580 normal rate or 290 for sharing your body for the ‘social experiment’ experience
    Only 72.50 a week to be a hooker. He must be something special all right.

    (*and he looked like George Clooney)

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Pretty sure a hooker would have better digs that this. AND clientele, (no offence Mani).
      I’m just baffled at how Daft.ie put on their snappy business suit when publishing their quarterly housing reports but then continue to post this creepy crap.

      1. Anne

        They seem like they’ll do anything for a few bob.
        A hooker probably has better standards…
        And the biggest creeps probably wear suits. :)

  5. JunkFace

    That is some creepy, creepy, medieval stuff. How is Daft.ie not checking this before letting it get posted?

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