Top: Sean O’Brien, Jamie Heaslip, Dave Kearney and Rob Kearney and (above) Bellamy’s, Ballsbridge, Dublin


That’s so last season, bro.

Leon writes:

“After months of speculation, The Bridge 1859 was officially announced today as the name of the Ballsbridge bar formerly known as Bellamy’s. Recently acquired by Noel Anderson of The Grafton Lounge alongside Ireland and Leinster Rugby stars Jamie Heaslip, Sean O’Brien and brothers Rob and Dave Kearney, The Bridge 1859 looks forward to welcoming a ‘scrum’ of customers from the end of September…”


(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

30 thoughts on “JockBridge

  1. Planet of the Missing Biros

    I heard if you have a son who is naturally gifted, send him to a decent non-fee paying school. If you have a son who is thick as a brick, send him to ‘Rock. Dumbo will always get some sort of a job through their past pupil contacts.

    1. rotide

      Planet is on a sub zero cool mission to rubbish everything people like today to establish his hipster credentials ahead of the new term. Facts like the one above will have no bearing on it.

    2. T-Bagg

      So if you have a son that’s naturally gifted and you send him to ‘Rock then he will turn out to be the next ruler of the known universe?

      1. Rock Boy 4 Ever !

        Ooops on the sentence structure there………..I spent alot of englinsh class down the junior common room snorting creatine……meant:

        A mate of mine got his legal bills for a coke bust paid for by the past pupil union too……….

  2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    I think the bridge of balls was built in 1859: it’s pretty much right across the road from it.

  3. Del McG

    I wonder if in fact it should be 1879: the year the IRFU was founded, the year Leinster Rugby was founded and the year the RDS took over the grounds at Simmonscourt?

    Either that, or it only opens at a minute before 7…

  4. munkifisht

    Ah, bit sorry to hear Bellamy’s in it’s old incarnation’s gone and it was our spot of choice for the pre match warm ups, sure the new spot will be grand though.

  5. Haroo von Haroo

    I wonder will they have got rid of the narrow stretch of bellamys at the foot of the stairs which always caused a bottleneck.

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