All Friends Together


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Hobby Buddies – a photo series by Swiss photographers Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini featuring like-minded members of various clubs posing together.

Above: The St. Brandan Scout Section; BDSM Regular’s Table; the Poodle Club; Slot Racing Club; HB9BS Ham Radio Club; Merriment Pipe-Smokers’ Club; Dintefisch Diving Club; Train Club; Naked Projects [redacted]; the Orchid Club and the Swiss Garrison (Serving the 501st Legion).


View the complete gallery (including the scandalous nudie one) here


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19 thoughts on “All Friends Together

  1. What Goes Up...

    Eh…. I think you have the Poodle Club and the BDSM Regular’s Table in the wrong order!

    Otherwise those dog fanciers are seriously into their bondage and those Sados are seriously into their dogs!

  2. Jess

    Nsfw that. And I don’t just mean put (nsfw) in the title. Put it behind a cut or link to the original host

  3. Anne

    NSFW would be handy?

    Otherwise, you’re allowed browse away on broadsheet at work ’till your hearts content?

    Naked pics don’t matter if you do it right.. Do a nonchallant gander to the right, a gander to the left, to see if anyone’s around, have a browser window minimized, and you’re good to go.. Usually.

    You can also be brazen if you don’t give a flupp and ask loudly ‘what’s new in the world today? Lemme have a look’. I go with the brazen myself.

    1. munkifisht

      Are we saying the BDSM club is NSFW or were the willies on parade in the nudie one shown. Nothing really wrong with the BDSM one except maybe an arse and sure the willies is only hilarious, don’t think anyone’d be looking at that getting their rocks off.

      Actually really like these, some are brilliantly done (like the pipe-smokers)

  4. geebag

    Ah here, you make a fuss about a nude picture and don’t provide a direct link? Not wading through 60 pictures to find it. Will have to look at my own in the bathroom mirror instead.

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