Wally Cassidy writes`:

“O’Connell Street, Limerick city this morning, preparations for the Giant Granny [part of the City of Culture hoo ha] this Fri-Sun…”

Name that crushed vehicle anyone?

UPDATE: what to expect…


The Limerick-bound Giant Saga from the enormo-slippered  Royal De Luxe theatre company.

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13 thoughts on “Safe Parking

  1. Jonjo

    First impression was megane. Then after looking at the light id say Fiesta – honourable mention goes to the deceivingly fiesta like mazda 121.

    1. pdmc

      Right first time, it’s a Fiesta. The Mazda 121 had black mouldings on the front and rear bumpers that the bulbous bumpered Fiesta did without… I know, I’m an anorak.

  2. Nicorigo

    I saw Royal de Luxe few years ago in France; they are amazing! Wish I was in Limeruick at the week end!

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