Fashion Sketch of Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress by Versace

“Vivienne, Knox and, indeed, all six of our children are such wonderful artists,” breathes [Angelina] Jolie, proudly wielding a finger painting of a hungry caterpillar. “And what better place to reflect their creative talents than my gown?”
At this point, [Luigi] Massi [master tailor for Atelier Versace] would have been forgiven for sobbing hysterically. The official line, however, is that he was only too happy to sew a random assortment of motorbikes, Eiffel Towers, mouse-like creatures and other “charming” artwork onto the train and veil of Jolie’s silk frock….While die-hard Brangelina fans are mooning sentimentally over this “exquisite expression of family love and dedication,” the rest of us are reaching for the sick bucket.”


Angelina’s wedding gown a gross display of parenting run amok (Jane Ridley, NewYorkPost)

(Atelier Versace)

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26 thoughts on “Train Wreck

  1. Nigel

    I hope your sick bucket brings you as much joy as that dress did to that family because the idea was adorable and your allergic reaction to gauche sentimentality would have been the worst reason in the world not to do it.

  2. Caroline

    I don’t like it when people don’t do things the normal way.

    The normal way is great, let’s all keep doing it that way.

      1. Caroline

        I took the precaution of issuing him with a Windows phone. Suddenly, I’m not the problem any more.

  3. Llareggub

    I cannot believe how defensive people are getting over this article. I found it funny, maybe I’m too cynical for this sh1t, I can’t take it seriously, especially when I read…

    Jolie tells People, which bought exclusive US rights, alongside international partner Hello! magazine, to the “intimate” Aug. 23 nuptials in Correns, France. The ceremony was “an unusual situation” with “all eight of us getting married,” adds Jolie.

    Blech and barf.

      1. Mani

        Were they standing behind you, crying and swearing that this was the first time they’d ever done anything like this and please don’t tell the wife and they didn’t even enjoy it?

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