Queuing Around The Block



“…a throwback to the crazy days of the property boom, house hunters have begun queuing overnight for a new homes scheme in Swords, Co Dublin, that will not open to the public until Saturday. Three or four parties queued overnight at the Millers Glen development [from Gannon Homes] near Applewood in Swords in order to secure their places at the top of the queue for 60 newly-built homes launching on Saturday at 2pm. This morning a number of others have joined the queue…

You tried to tell them.

Hell, we all tried.

They’re going to have to learn the HARD way.

*squeezes reused tea bag*

House hunters queuing five days ahead of Swords estate launch (Madeleine Lyons, Irish Times)

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58 thoughts on “Queuing Around The Block

  1. smoothlikemurphys

    Queued overnight? It’s not like Daft and MyHome aren’t filled with houses for sale already – what’s so great about these ones that you’d queue up for a chance to buy them?

    1. Happy Molloy

      maybe that they’re new and have an a rating and will be in a new neighbourhood with young families just like you?
      I dunno

  2. Sidewinder

    Can we have a list of these people’s names so we can bear in mind how thick bloody stupid they are if we ever have to work with them?

          1. ahyeah

            Mani, you and I both know that you’ve been anything close to a 10cc man. When I pretended to gag? I was just being kind.

        1. Del McG

          In my golden palace built with the funds from selling my rickety former abode to the terminally easily-led

  3. Anne

    Surely it wouldn’t be too hard for the estate agent to manage a list of people interested over the phone?
    Give them until a certain date to get the deposit into them, if the person doesn’t get the deposit in, it goes to a person on the waiting list.

    It’d be much better than this nonsense.
    But they’d be no advertising for them about this sort of bollix in the papers, granted.

    Are there facilities there for people to sleep and take a dump while they queue for a house?
    I doubt it.
    Stupid flupping nonsense.

    Let’s put people through the ringer, have them queue for the opportunity to get an overpriced box to live, that they’ve to pay for for 30+ years.
    And they’re proud to advertise this?
    Put a better system in place ffs.

    1. Ahjayzis

      All very sensible points.

      Until you remember you’re talking about estate agents.

      People with no inherent skills, talents or really any use to society, who get a kick out of making one of the most stressful activities in life ten times more unpleasant. Vermin. They were probably stroking themselves in the marketing suite at the thought of the peasants lining up for an audience.

  4. Llareggub

    Distorted photographs of bog-standard housing, cheesy estate names that try to posh-up bland areas. Will they ever learn?

  5. Small Wonder

    Opens Skyscanner
    Clicks From: Dublin,
    To: Anywhere,
    One Way

    I’m not watching the country go through this again.

  6. K

    Could they have queued up thinking they were going to see Glen Miller? Probably a big misunderstanding like.

  7. General Waste

    Eh, we have a chronic housing shortage in Dublin – one of the main reasons for this new bubble we’re in- and, according to the article, this is the first new development in Swords or North Dublin in seven years. Added to that is is some fairly affordable prices so I can see why, crazy as it seems, people are queuing.

    But hey, keep on sneering Broadsheeters.

    1. downtowntrain


      people, apparently, have to live and work somewhere, within whatever passes for a housing market at a given time. This craziness may be their least worst option, sadly.

    2. Mani

      I’m intrigued by these chronic houses and am delighted that Dr Dre has decided to branch into construction after all his success with Beats. Will they be made entirely from hemp? Will the couches be installed with low rider hydraulics? The possibilities are endless.

    1. Walter Bishop

      Boom you say? Because people are scrambling to purchase houses in a development put in mothballs by the crash? Is this country all about selling houses to each other and nothing else?

      1. Mani

        No. It’s also about dancing! Dancing like nobodies watching! And singing! Singing like nobodies interested!

  8. Optimus Grime

    This is all very like the early stages of a party where people think the music is crap but soon we’ll all be dancing having drank the kool-aid! And I just got an email from a website that sounds like Daft offering me buy to let investment opportunities in the UK! Party on Garth!

  9. jedi

    hardly surprising at all this , if there is a shortage or limited supply of anything in Ireland we will queue, from Garth Brooks tickets to houses , we’re like sheep but with highly developed queueing instinct, I’ve heard there’s a Harvey Norman sale on soon too, better get in line for that one

  10. ahyeah

    Hang on…have just looked at the photo: there are 4 people (one dressed as a zebra) and 3 deckchairs. Hardly a mass movement underway.

    1. ahyeah

      I regret not giving it full gutso last time. I’m poised, sleeves rolled up and ready to go this time round. (Anyone got a shitty 1-bed with cardboard walls in Mullhuddart? Put me down for two)

  11. tomkildare

    this makes really happy!! its all starting again!!!!!!! back to start partying large again!!! no more bloody early bird dinners

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