Début de Siècle



Twenty-five years ago today, and long before any lines were drawn in the sand, Century Radio went on air.

The Flood Tribunal found that the then Minister for Communications and Justice Ray Burke received £35,000 from Oliver Barry (a director of Century) which was deemed a corrupt payment.

The Flood report states:

In March 1989, some months prior to the payment in question, Mr. Burke, in his capacity as Minister for Communications, had issued a Directive which fixed the level of transmission fees payable by Century to Radio Telefís Éireann (RTÉ), the national broadcaster. Mr. Burke’s Directive resulted in Century paying RTÉ considerably less than RTÉ had sought for the use of its facilities. In 1990, the year following the payment, Mr. Burke promoted legislation which, inter alia, restricted RTÉ’s income from advertising in anticipation that independent broadcasters would benefit.

Mr Burke still receives €103,000 in a ministerial pension annually.

Good times.

Via RTÉ Archives

5 thoughts on “Début de Siècle

  1. Mulch

    Legally, is there anything standing in the way of cutting this guy off?
    Aside from all the “ah sure it was a different time” and ” sure he got things done” sentiment, he lined his own purse using his position of power. I would have thought Ray Burke of all the corrupt ones (and lets face it, there are a few to choose from) would have been the easiest one for politicians to do something about.
    Or am i missing something here?

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