11 thoughts on “Like Minded, You Say?

  1. scottser

    how many oxymorons and contradictions can you spot in the phrase ‘a new party of the radical centre’?

    1. Medium Sized C

      Radically central.
      As opposed to moderate centre FF, moderate just right of centre FG or moderate just left of centre Labour?

      We’re screwed.

      1. Sam

        Have you been away for the last 10 years?

        Labour are nowhere near left of centre, FG are nowhere near “just right” of centre and FF still take up whatever position will a) please their mates and then b) win votes.

        1. scottser

          depends what you define as ‘the centre’. our centre is really ‘right of centre’, which is how FG get away with their moderate fascism and how labour get hammered by waving the red flag but having no left-wing aspirations whatsoever. ireland – putiing the ‘thick’ in politics

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