31 thoughts on “Joan Rivers Dies At 81

  1. V-Bomb

    I’m sorry the woman has died.
    I wasn’t a fan of her work. And her very recent anti-Palestine comments about the while Israel-Palestine conflict truly sickened me.

      1. V-Bomb

        I’m sorry for her daughter, Melissa, who has lost her mother.

        In the same way I am sorry when plenty of innocent daughters die in Palestine. And Joan Rivers had said those deaths are justifiable.


    1. Tragic Kingdom

      No doubt your friends in the Middle East will be dancing with glee the way they were after 9/11. Show some respect. A woman has died. A woman who pioneered much for other women in comedy. Funny, eh?

  2. VeganTastic

    I just knew the first comment would be about Palestinians. As if there was nothing else to this woman’s life.

      1. Jog On

        You “rolled your eyes” did you? You’re just fed up of people calling out someone who says civilians deserved to be killed in a recent war?

  3. bisted

    …wha…Joan ‘Palestinians deserve to die’ Rivers dead…who says there’s no such thing as karma.

  4. John

    I would imagine old age had more to do with it than karma!
    However I couldn’t shed a tear over anyone who made comments of the nature she made concerning Palestinians.

  5. Happy Molloy

    I think it’s a little harsh that an awful lot of people are writing her Off as a person due to something she said in her 80s

    1. bisted

      …I think it’s more than a little harsh that over 2100 people were killed in Gaza while shills like her were baying for blood.

  6. downtowntrain

    Ironic that she has passed away so soon after saying the Palestinians deserved to die. I guess tonight all those hamas martyrs finally get their virgin.

    RIP, a master of comedy.

  7. Kieran NYC

    “At my funeral, I want Meryl Streep crying in five different accents”

    Von voyage to a great comedy legend.

  8. Original Cynical

    Let’s hope she’s reincarnated as a child happily playing on a beach – a Palestinian child, in Gaza!

      1. Original Cynical

        Why? Any particular reason why wishing her to be reincarnated as a Palestinian child playing on a beach is a bad thing???

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