23 thoughts on “All Heart

  1. Undertow

    You do know that some boring ole heterosexuals visit this site from time to time don’t you…but we know where we’re not wanted…

      1. Jordofthejungle

        Because the Iona Institute speak for all heterosexuals, of course. Then again Iona do have some closet gay, sorry “confirmed bachelor” sympathisers in their ranks…Funny old world…

    1. rotide

      Be grateful while you can. Once the marriage equality referendum passes it’s going to be annoying abortion and womens rights posts as far as the eye can see.

    2. Ahjayzis

      Wah, wah, wah. Poor thing. It’s so unfair our whole culture is so dripping in homonormativity. Be brave, you won’t be an outsider forever.

    3. Drogg

      i’d just like to at i am a hetrosexual that visits this site and i like all the marriage equality posts and am looking forward to when my gay friends and family can get married. I think you would be better off on the journals comment section they like your kind over there.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        A lot of my gay friends have no desire to get married, as do many of my hetero friends. I’ll still be voting for their right to. But the emphasis should be more about equality and not just ‘marriage equality’ which is a term easily misinterpreted.

        1. Caroline

          You’ve mentioned this equality vs marriage equality thing before and I still don’t understand your exact point. What is it? Genuinely interested.

    4. Bobby

      They post an article every 15 minutes or so. Just don’t read the ones you don’t like and find something to do for a quarter of an hour.

  2. Roddy

    What!? This is the third post in a row that has nothing to do with abortion. Your begining to loose focus BS…

  3. scottser

    nobody loves the iona institute, even the iona institute themselves. there’s some serious self-loathing going on in there.

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