24 thoughts on “PS I Mean It

  1. H

    I have a parking space where I live and the deeds show that I actually own it so I get upset when people park there, especially as there are 4 reserved and 8 visitor spaces in the car park, but I’ve never threatened to damage anyone’s car!

  2. Mr. T.

    Report that to the cops. It’s a threat of vandalism against your property and nobody can claim a particular parking spot on a public street.

    Meat heads like that need to be dealt with swiftly.

    1. Mick

      Oh I´m SURE the cops will be all over this one, setting up steakouts etc. Maybe even call Turner and Hooch to see if they can help.

  3. John

    a woman’s handwriting

    hell hath no fury like a woman….. full stop. period

    also a bloke would be afraid to write that, because he would know
    the space would be empty next time, and his car would be keyed

  4. Ms Piggy

    I used to work next door to a church somewhere which will remain nameless on the south side. The area was really short of parking and the church had a huge car park which was almost empty every weekday, so of course people parked there. It was still never full, and you’d think they might have wanted to forge good relations with the local community. But no, the church got so worked up about it that they put up large signs saying the car park was for ‘members only’. One of my colleagues threatened to leave her baptismal certificate on her windscreen, as proof of membership.

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