‘A Very Big Fish In A Very Small Pond’


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“The Competition Authority must urgently review the extent of Mr O’Brien’s influence in newsprint, digital and radio. It needs to assess how that would be affected by a deal with TV3 in the areas of advertising and talent-sharing. The Competition Authority should seek to determine whether INM and Communicorp have engaged in any joint selling of advertising involving their respective platforms and the value of any such transactions.”

“That there is already co-operation between INM and Communicorp is not in doubt. In addition to scratching each other’s back on editorial matters there is also a growing trend for “contra” advertising. In 2012 INM received the equivalent of €500,000 in advertising from Communicorp and those stations received the same amount in return.”

“Last year those respective figures had increased to €1m. The authority also needs to find out what business arrangements, if any, exist between Mr O’Brien’s Topaz Energy, the country’s biggest oil and convenience brand with 330 stations, and INM’s newspaper titles.”

From an editorial in yesterday’s Sunday Times, further to the news that TV3 is planning to form a partnership with Communicorp, the radio group owned by Denis O’Brien.

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Topaz The Morning To You

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10 thoughts on “‘A Very Big Fish In A Very Small Pond’

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      I’d say they’re dead pally when they meet up, take off their human skin and revel in their lizard overlordiness.

  1. scottser

    a diverse media indeed : we have middle-class conservatism or right-wing sensationalism – take your pick.

      1. stev

        Would hardly call it left to be fair. Socially liberal maybe. You don’t see much talk of leftish type matters round these parts.

        1. John E. Bravo

          RIght. It’s a sign of how centrified things are generally that whinging about high rents or overpriced airport snacks is the new great leap forward.

  2. phil

    Great fella,
    Sponsors Football managers
    Sponsers politicians
    Sponsers retired politicians
    likely sponsered civil servants

    need more like him I guess

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