7 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Sunday Times?

  1. averagenewsreader

    You mean we won’t be restricted to reading the short drivelly articles from the Indo ? aw jeez… (yes, drivelly is now a word)

  2. Louis Lefronde

    Oh dear, if The Times goes the same way as The Sunday Times did when it became ‘Oirish’ – it won’t be worth reading.


    They should add to the advertisement – the Editor should be literate!

    1. Odis

      That’s a bit petty. Its a good read, in my humble opinion, and comparisons should really only be made relative to the local competition.
      Though I have to admit, if they didn’t have A.A. Gill’s T.V. and restaurant criticisms, I wouldn’t be quite so enthusiastic.

  3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Shouldn’t they be concentrating on their new Scottish edition, after September 18th.

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