Meanwhile, In Cork


There you go now.

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27 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Cork

      1. Sham Bob

        I don’t know, she might come down to your local comments section and politely ask you to sign it over and over again til you relent. Feminazis wha?

  1. jesuswillyoueverlearn

    Jaysus you’d think the County Councillors would be keeping the head down. Lest we all realise they have absolutely no power or influence over anything.

    If they’d any sense, they’d be enjoying the 15 to 20k salary plus expenses and working on the job in the big house.

    But no.

    Summary – pointless group of people spend 5 hours discussing a topic over which they have no input or influence. They have a vote. They claim expenses. They get ignored / over ruled by an unelected government appointed City/County Manager on 120k plus expenses a year.


    1. cluster

      You genuinely believe that they should ‘keep their head down’ because they aren’t omnipotent?

      You don’t understand how democracy works, do you?

          1. Em

            Really, Anne? Because I didn’t see your chat over coffee being reported anywhere.

            An elected group publicly discussing and supporting this is important both as a demonstration of public sentiment and in terms of social influence, regardless of whether the group has the political power to directly affect a change.

          2. Anne


            It seems to me like self important, makey uppy, play acting they’re at, with their taking votes.
            What was the public sentiment in Cork prior to their ‘vote’?

    2. Lorcan Nagle

      Even if they have no power at all, it’s still a significant step forward in terms of public acceptance of the pro-choice movement in Ireland. It will force other city and county councils to take a stand one way or another, and that filters upwards.

      This is the first thing I’ve read about Irish politics in some time that gives me a little bit of hope.

  2. Krijtje v.d. Stoep

    Yes, repeal the 8th amandment! Girls and women have to be able to decide for themselves if they can carry out their pregnancy or not. If not: safe and legal help must be available. It’s unacceptable that anti-choice christians with an antique view on life stay in the way of other people’s rights.
    Please like and use our facebookpage to share info: Tell pro-choice friends about anti-choice

    1. Outta me Bento Box

      so people aren’t allowed have views if they are “Christian” – real pluralist there.

      Foxtrot Oscar back to NL please

      1. Lorcan Nagle

        Which isn’t what Krijtje said. There’s nothing wrong with being against abortion – nobody’s going to force a pro-lifer to have one. Religious conviction shouldn’t be used to prevent women from having access to medical procedures that can save their lives or improve their health though, and certianly not to make value calls over the lives of people who are members of different religions – or different sects – or hold no beliefs in that regard.

  3. eamonn clancy

    The theme tune to “Laurel and Hardy plays in my head when I think of that meeting last night.

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