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IN FULL: Data Protection Notice (IrishWater)

Thanks Annie West


Alan writes:

You will notice from here that Irish Water is NOT authorised to use PPS numbers. From the FAQ’s:

Q9. What do I do if someone who is not entitled to use the PPS Number asks me for it?
A9. If you believe that a person asking for your PPS Number is not entitled to do so, do not give them your number until you have contacted Client Identity Services of the Department of Social Protection, Social Wefare Services, Shannon Lodge, Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim (Telephone 01-7043281) for advice. You can also email Client Identity Services at

I have emailed CIS and Irish Water about it this evening. You will notice on the link: “The legislation governing the allocation and use of the PPS Number is contained in the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005, the Social Welfare and Pensions Act 2007 and the Social Welfare and Pensions Act 2010. Only Specified Bodies named in the above Social Welfare Acts can use the PPS Number.”

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe that any Social Welfare act was passed this year to allow Irish Water use PPS numbers.

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40 thoughts on “Watery

    1. mauriac

      Dr. Hibbert: Homer, I’m afraid you’ll have to undergo a coronary bypass operation.
      Homer: Say it in English, Doc.
      Dr. Hibbert: You’re going to need open heart surgery.
      Homer: Spare me your medical mumbo jumbo.
      Dr. Hibbert: We’re going to cut you open, and tinker with your ticker.
      Homer: Could you dumb it down a shade?

  1. Huh?

    I’m not sure it’s that simple. Charities can and do ask for PPS numbers in order to file for refunds from Revenue and they’re not listed as being able to use them. Perhaps it’s because Revenue is actually using the number in this case that it’s valid? So, other organisations can request the number if the processing of which is done by the authorised body?

  2. Spartacus

    Expect no action from CIS. I reported another semi-state for similar abuse of the PPSN system over four years ago. Nothing heard since, and they still don’t appear on the register.

  3. swoon

    Usually such companies would advise complete privacy of ‘customers’ details,but not in this case, Irish water seem to be saying and explicitly so that we (irish water) are going to do whatever we want with your PPS number and for as long as we choose.

    It would be self defeating to give irish water your PPS number.

    1. scottser

      i’d be a bit suspicious of the bit that goes, ‘if we decide to sell the company, then your ppsn is part of our assets.’ and also the bit that goes ‘we can store your pps details outside the eea’.

      no thank you.

    1. Bobby

      I don’t think this is freeman nonsense, surley it’s a legal/privacy rights issue. If you don’t have to hand over personal information to a company you have grevious issues with, then why do it voluntarliy?

    2. Planet of the Missing Biros

      You keep watch X-Factor fluffy and don’t worry. Others will examine the laws which affect your daily life.

  4. Mister Mister

    I have two kids, we’re pretty good at water conversation in the home I think. I won’t be bothered passing over our PPS numbers in order to get our ‘allowance’ rather than pay a flat rate.

    1. Stewart Curry

      What happens if the flat rate is higher than what you would get of you were metered? Might happen if the flat rate is based on estimates for normal people and not masters of water conservation?

      1. junglemick

        I’m going with that option. Have not returned the form and don’t intend to. I’ll pay the flat rate and then I can indulge in a reckless orgy of water usage. Am guessing that garden fountains will be going cheap on Adverts once the meters are activated. I’ll be having seven or eight big ones.

  5. keithm

    they are also refusing to split the free water allocation when your child lives in different houses as in seperated families. will only give it to the mother

  6. 3stella

    Hey, Billy Hawks some beauties require your perusal

    “Irish Water may disclose the Customer’s data to third parties in the event that it sells or buys any business or assets, in which case it may disclose Customer data to the prospective seller or buyer or such business or assets; if Irish Water or substantially all of its assets are acquired by a third party, in which case Customer data held by it about its Customer will be one of the transferred assets.”

    “Irish Water cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of information relating to the Customer when passing over the Internet. Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although Irish Water will do its best to protect Customer data, it cannot guarantee the security of Customer data transmitted via the internet; any transmission is entirely at the Customer’s own risk”

    To Opt out of their 21st century marketing you can write a letter or hang on a line to a call center (Note.. no freephone), more or less a pre ticked box if one was even offered, no email address just to be awkward…

    “Irish Water and/or authorised agents acting on behalf of Irish Water, may wish to contact the Customer by text message, email, post, landline or in person about water related with products or services which may be of interest to the Customer (“Marketing Purpose”).

    If the Customer does not wish to be contacted for Marketing Purposes as set out above, the Customer may exercise a right of opt-out by either writing to Irish Water at FREEPOST, Irish Water, Data Protection Opt-out, PO Box 860, South City Delivery Office, Cork City or by calling Irish Water on 1890 278 278.”

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