20 thoughts on “Classic Dilemma

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Unless things have changed the cars are often left unlocked (but with no keys) or locked but with the handbrake off. You can then easily roll them out of the way. Saw this a few times over the years.

      1. garthicus

        Me either, I was standing at a bus stop nearby and noticed someone playing tetris with the cars, funny to see.

  2. Rep

    They usual way, by pushing the other cars out of the way. None of the cars have their handbrakes on there.

  3. Jonjo

    Easy ….sure he’ll just roll one of the other cars since they all sit there with their handbrakes off.

  4. Mister Mister

    Yeah, as the guys said, they just push the cars around, has been like that outside Pearse Street station since the invention of the motor car.

  5. Colin

    Respond and Ford Fiesta arn’t really compatible anyway :D

    Mostly used as a community Garda vehicle regardless.

  6. Humans eh!

    That is one of the few specialist Garda VTOV’s* to respond to serious crimes like tv licence evasion and other evil.

    *Vertical Take Off Veh-icle

  7. ArtVandelay

    Unless their in hot pursuit of a pensioner on a mobility scooter, I don’t think that garda vehicle chase anyone down

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