Recognise Them?



Philip writes:

“Found a Venezuelan passport and money transfer receipt at the end of the [Samuel] Beckett Bridge this morning about 8.45. Will hand it in to the Pearse Street Garda station later.”

UPDATE: Owner located (see comments)


paddy gilboy-3

Sarah writes:

“This passport was handed in at the desk in DIT Library in Cathal Brugha Street yesterday. Paddy’s not a student here it seems so we’ve no way of contacting him. If he sees this post, or anyone that knows him does, he can collect from the desk in the library. Otherwise we’ll drop it into Pearse St. Garda station during the week. Thanks.”


Update: Owner located (see comments)

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19 thoughts on “Recognise Them?

  1. geebag

    The Gardai send found Irish passports to the Passport Office who destroy them so better to try and find the guy because he is very unlikely to get it back that way. Also Store Street is the closest Garda Station to where the passport was lost.

    1. Condor


      Gardai won’t try getting his passport back to him. It’ll be destroyed causing much heartache. Hopefully THE INTERNET will help reunite.

  2. the good helen

    would have thought ringing Kobo to see if its the same guy, but good lord, trying to find a number for Kobo = near next to impossible.

    1. Sarah

      Tried Kobo already, no joy. We do know how to google in here.

      Broadsheet have a good success rate in reuniting lost IDs with owners so hence why we tried this option.

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        You know how to google AND be unnecessarily snide.
        Don’t mind her, the good Helen. I’ll thank you for trying, anyway.

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