“Seán Brady Had Evil People Reporting To Him”


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Cardinal Sean Brady, top, whose resignation letter was accepted by Pope Francis yesterday, and RTÉ’s Tommie Gorman on the Nine News last night

Did you catch Tommie Gorman’s bizarre report on the resignation of Séan Brady last night?

Grab a tay. It gets very unctuous.

Eileen Dunne: “Tommie, the whole sexual abuse [issue] dominated Cardinal Brady’s time in office but there was more to his time in Armagh than that?”

Tommie Gorman: “There was Eileen. I remember at the time the Brendan Smyth story first broke, a very senior politician asked one of his advisors ‘what’s a paed-eo-phile?’. He didn’t understand the nature of evil or, indeed, he didn’t understand its consequences. And I think the problem for Seán Brady was he had evil people reporting to him, he was responsible for them. And I think in the later years of his life, you could see that he carried the burden of that knowledge, he carried that pain. But there was an awful lot more to him. He was very big into church relations. He was the first primate to officially meet Ian Paisley. He worked very hard behind the scenes and up front, in relation to the peace process. He came from a Border county. He was a very generous man. Those people who knew him in Cavan, those people who knew him when he was a parish priest, those people who knew him in Rome, talked about his kindness to people. The small little acts, not in a public way at all. I also think it can be said about him, with pure certainty, that he’s not a vain person, there’s not an ounce of vanity in him. And I think he will be remembered for those qualities as well. And one final point about him, I don’t think anyone will doubt that, throughout his life, that he tried to be consistent to his vocation, that he tried to be faithful to his vocation.”



Watch back in full here

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34 thoughts on ““Seán Brady Had Evil People Reporting To Him”

    1. Sheikh Yabooti

      Senior politician: Albert Reynolds.
      Advisor: Seán Duignan.
      Quote: ” Diggy, what’s a paedo?”
      Source: Seán Duignan’s published memoirs.

  1. Grace

    My jaw dropped watching that last night – utterly disgusting reporting.
    The glib way that Eileen Dunne brushed aside the abuse controversy was sickening.

  2. Twunt

    yesterday someone speculated how long it would be before we saw a load of ‘he was really a good man’ type stuff in the media.

    not long

  3. Sadface

    Why not sure?it was only the cover up of one of the most prolific paedophiles in modern times,a cover up that led to more abuse..

    “But sure he was a lovely man wasnt he..”

    Its like too aul wans having a chat..

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    “Brady had evil people reporting to him”. That’s no suprise. Evil knows its own.

    Because Brady believes in the concept of Hell, I hope he’s tormented every single day by the prospect of it for the rest of his long, miserable life.

    1. ScareySarahCarey

      As my father said about that scumbag Brady, I hope he dies roaring.

      In any other country, that kind of a statement by Tommie Gorman on a national broadcaster would be a firing offence.

      Here though he won’t even get a rap on the knuckles.

      1. Llareggub

        I actually checked to see if ex Catholic priest Tom Savage was still chairman of RTE. He’s not, gone since August 31st it seems. It makes you wonder about RTE’s allegiance to the Catholic Church though. As long as those effing Angelus bells are booming from RTE, I think it’s safe to say there will be no impartial reporting on such matters.

  5. The Lady Vanishes

    Could broadcasters please stick to facts rather than opinions and speculation.

    I couldn’t care less about Tommie Gorman’s opinion.

    1. PhilJo

      I think the phrase of the day is “Pavlovian obsequiousness” and it remains present along with “undue deference” to the church in the upper echelons of the civil service and in RTE

  6. Ms Piggy

    Tommie seems to have a bit of a thing for anyone with fancy titles and even fancier frocks. Remembering his orgasmic coverage of QEII’s visit, which also brushed off any of the more awkward questions her presence might have raised, this approach to Brady doesn’t seem surprising. About time he was pensioned off by RTE, I would have thought.

  7. p

    I would argue that, although badly spelt out, Gorman’s piece to studio was an attempt to report the entire story rather than one element. The man did more in his career than his (by the way, awful) handling of child sexual abuse cases. To focus on one element, good, bad or indifferent, would have been nonsense.
    I would argue that…. but I know the reaction I’d get here if I tried it.

    1. Shanti

      Love the way they left out that he was due to resign anyway because he’s 75. It had nothing to do with the revelations, they’ve been known about for some time and calls were being made for his resignation for years, he’s only stepping down now because his time is up.

      I’m quite suspicious of that group. I remember them making all sorts of claims about how they were taking over churches the world over on a certain date a few years back and nothing came of it. There was some other highly dubious claims of theirs too but I can’t remember specifics. Seems to be all talk with those guys, I don’t think they have any tangible power to do anything, or at least – not via the methods they’re using.

  8. Italia'90

    Anyone remember the Eucharistic Congress 2012 held in the RDS?
    Do you remember seeing any high profile RTE presenters and news people giving the church a dig out?
    I distinctly remember seeing some of them on the telly doing some MC’ing or whatever it was they were at?
    Joe Duffy, Eileen Dunne and Tommie Gorman are the only ones I remember. Can any of you remember seeing others there?… just from TV clips mind, but if you did attend, that won’t be held against you. You were there just pushing your elderly mothers wheelchair. ;)

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