24 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Annascaul

  1. bisted

    …have you checked the sand dunes for people who may have fallen asleep….after excertions…or something…*cough*…just guessing like…where is Inch?

  2. MintyFresh

    There are enough of them standing there gawping- why don’t they do the decent thing, rally around and lift it back onto the beach?

  3. Garthicus

    Smash a window. Handbrake off, push it to safety. I’d rather foot the bill for a broken window than the alternative.

  4. spider

    If you need to brake into a car, best to smash the windshield rather than a side window… 1. Its easier to find a replacement 2. Its covered by insurance, but side window may not be without filing a police report

    1. Delacaravanio

      Stupidest idea in history. Windscreens are laminated, so they don’t shatter. Instead you have to whack it to smithereens and then roll/flex/lift the entire screen out. On top of that the car would have no windscreen, so it would be a long drive home at 40 km/h with a face full of flies, praying it doesn’t rain.

  5. Brainer

    whatever they do they’d want to do it fairly sharpish anyway cuz once that saltwater goes near the engine it’s goombye Charlie for that car.

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