New Commish Off To Laois


comm Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, Portarlington

Ireland has appointed a government official with experience at multinational companies as its new data protection commissioner to head up a body which acts as regulator to the likes of Google and Facebook outside North America.

Helen Dixon, currently the Irish Registrar of Companies, spent 11 years working with two U.S. technology firms with their European bases in Ireland, including software company Citrix Systems, according to her LinkedIn profile.

The best breakfast rolls in Portarlington are found next door, probably.

Ample parking.

Train station nearby.

Win win win.

Ireland appoints data protection chief with corporate background (Padraic Halpin, Reuters)

Pic: Google Street View

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9 thoughts on “New Commish Off To Laois

  1. Zynks

    Seriously, if the option exists, we should just hand the responsibility to the EU’s relevant DG. This is far too big and complex for the Irish government.

  2. chompleton

    This looks like a nice compromise. Difficult to find a balance between E.U. regulations and massive multi-national’s interests, An under resourced and fledgling regulator should do the trick. Bravo!

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