Ian O’Sullivan in Tokyo. Japan today

Clay pigeons.

He has them for breakfast.

Mark writes:

“Ian O’Sullivan (age 18), an Irish Junior shotgun shooter has just won the World Championships in Olympic Trap (becoming Ireland’s first Olympic Clay Target World Champion)! And to add extra drama, Ian’s shotgun actually broke half-way through the final shoot-off for the gold medal and he STILL won.”


Ireland’s Ian O’Sullivan World Junior Shooting Champion Olumpic Council of Ireland)


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6 thoughts on “18 With a Bullet

  1. Mark Dennehy


    It’d crack you up really – this lad is one of our best hopes at an Olympic medal in the next few Games, and the Irish Times and Irish Independent are too busy reporting on some soccer player’s hurt feelings at being called a “fake paddy” to report on us winning a World Championships in an Olympic event. By a shooter who gets no state funding at all (though he’ll get a few quid now that he’s won the medal), and whose shotgun actually broke half-way through the shoot-off and he just kept going around the malfunction instead of calling for a time-out. That’s old-school badassery right there, but apparently not good enough to report on while we can follow the bitching and complaining as a golf player dumps his tennis player girlfriend rudely.


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