All The Pretty Horses



Last night.

My Lovely Horse rescue writes:

“We got a Facebook message about a poor little foal in Ballyfermot, it had been left all day abandoned in a horse box, no reg on the box.Locals called the authorities but because it was after 5pm an answering machine was all they could get. He was finally freed from the box, he was completely deformed from his rib cage to his two back legs. He dragged himself around using his front legs. Totally Heartbreaking…Vet made the decision to put the little guy asleep. He wouldn’t have had a chance and she felt that he was suffering.”




This is Bella.

Heather Ní Thomáis writes:

“This gorgeous girl was also tended to by My Lovely Horse Rescue this week and was clearly subjected to some absolutely sickening torture (possibly used as bait for dog fights?), and was found standing over her stillborn foal. When will horses stop being regarded as kicking posts?! Some seriously strict licensing laws need to be introduced. I grew up on a horse ranch in the US and seen some impatient horse-handling, but never have I seen horses killed, abandoned and mistreated like here in Ireland. I don’t know why this is tolerated.”

My Lovely Pony Rescue (Facebook)

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52 thoughts on “All The Pretty Horses

  1. Ahjayzis

    Agree with Heather. Any old skangbag seems to be able to have a horse. That piece of reality trash TV3 did on the horse fair in Ballinasloe was depressing. The ISPCA did their best but they clearly can only handle the worst cases and are restricted from being as harsh as they need to be, because half the owners in that place looked dodgy to me and the horses not great.

      1. scottser

        selective moral outrage is usually preferable to general, non-specific outrage. there is of course anti-psychotic medication you can take for the latter.

      2. Ahjayzis

        Dead babies, cats, catholic grannies are fair game.

        Horses, sexy homosexuals and the Dutch are OFF LIMITS.

        Any child could see the morality of these distinctions.

        Also, flogging dead babies is at least more palatable than flogging live ones. Distasteful, but sure if it’s dead it’s not feeling it. xxx

        Pint tonight hun?

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        WW are intent now on just p1ssing people off by mocking the dead (e.g. Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams).

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Here, I hope ye kept the horse box with no reg. Dont be leaving it with the culprits anyway. Ye might get a few bob for it.

    Good job, and fair play to ye all at My Lovely Horse… never heard of ye before this :)

  3. Eoghany

    The way some humans get treated in this world, it doesn’t surprise me that some poor horses get similar treatment. Some folk are just nasty horrible people. Fair play to you guys for trying to help..

    1. Mani

    2. Aoife

      It was a birth deformity. He seemed to be a few months old, rib cage and legs deformed. Vet said he was in pain. He would never have been able to grow up to be an adult horse. He was crawling to eat grass when he got out if the box.

  4. Squiggleyjoop

    The My Lovely Horse crowd had a trailer at Electric Picnic, it was just lovely. Loads of rescued dogs as well as a horse and a pony. They’re doing great work.

  5. Bluebeard

    Tut. We are medieval. Bet this doesn’t happen in Scandinavia. Go Panti! Only in Ireland. We suck. I hate it here. Someone should do something about this.

    1. Ahjayzis

      Right on Blueballs!

      Listen to him, everyone. Any reaction other than “Horse dead. Reminds me to buy briquettes” is just leftiness and lunacy run WILD.

      You’ll all be happier if you embrace the emotionlessness with which Bluepubes deals with everything. If the world was full of Blueknobs we’d be living in a Randian utopia.

      1. Bluebeard

        I already live in one of the most democratic, libertarian, free, wealthy, equal, social democratic countries in the world. Why would I keep on bleating about a utopia no-one can have?

  6. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

    Vets always seem to put an animals to sleep when presented with these cases.
    I think it’s too much of an easy option for them to take.

    1. Mick Flavin

      I’m trying not to sound callous here by reducing this to financial terms, but should they spend hundreds/thousands trying to nurse a seriously ill animal back to health when its chances of survival are low and there’ll likely be nobody to take it on if it does indeed get better? Unfortunately there’s a finite pot of cash for animal welfare, so tough decisions like this have to be made. In an ideal world it would be otherwise.

      1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

        I understand that, but they should give that as the reason, not the feel-good showing mercy excuse.
        Might get people to donate to them in that case.

    2. Aoife

      The vet said the foal was in pain and due to it’s birth deformity it couldn’t have made it to adulthood. Look at his hooves in the photo. He couldn’t walk properly, he crawled most of the time. His rib cage was also deformed.

    3. Wahey

      MLHR have recently been criticized for giving the 2nd horse in the picture Bella, a chance when she’s been through hell. They don’t take the decision to PTS lightly. If they went with this, it’s because it was the best decision for the poor animal.

  7. Glitzy

    Fair play to them for the work that they do!its horrific the cruelty animals are put through especially in this country, yet Simon Coveney denies there is any problem the coward!

  8. Bobsicle

    Animal cruelty is a huge problem in this country. People that do things like that to defenceless animals deserve be put down. Disgusting. Nothing will be done as is the Irish way. But let’s all stand up for the national anthem in the Aviva or Croke park now next time.

  9. Aoife

    Last night’s case with the poor foal (all day for him – over 15 hours trapped in a horse box) and Bella’s case are too common – Irish people need to ask their political representatives to help put a stop to cruelty, wandering horses on public land etc and not tolerate this anymore. It’s a shame on our nation.

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