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This afternoon.

RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Ahead of it’s opening tomorrow, preparations are underway for the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Stena Line Dublin Horse Show or ‘The Horse Show’, if you’re into the whole brevity thing.

Pic 1: ‘Boss’ with owner Rachel Moore; pic 2: Ciara Dennigan with her horse ‘Paulank Pepperpot’ and pic 6 Shanbally Dejavu being washed by owner Tom McNamara.

Dublin Horse Show




Donal Moloney writes:

One of the personal projects I’ve been exploring over the last year or two is the romance we have with horses in Ireland.

Whether it’s a horse fair in Ballinasloe, a hunt in Meath, racing on the sand at Laytown, harness racing in Portmarnock, one thing that always seems to be consistent is that we do love our horses.

Recently I decided to check out the Dressage scene. The athleticism, agility and beauty of these animals is amazing. Here’s a few shots I did last week. at a private residence in Kildare…

Donal Moloney Photography (Facebook)

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Last night.

My Lovely Horse rescue writes:

“We got a Facebook message about a poor little foal in Ballyfermot, it had been left all day abandoned in a horse box, no reg on the box.Locals called the authorities but because it was after 5pm an answering machine was all they could get. He was finally freed from the box, he was completely deformed from his rib cage to his two back legs. He dragged himself around using his front legs. Totally Heartbreaking…Vet made the decision to put the little guy asleep. He wouldn’t have had a chance and she felt that he was suffering.”




This is Bella.

Heather Ní Thomáis writes:

“This gorgeous girl was also tended to by My Lovely Horse Rescue this week and was clearly subjected to some absolutely sickening torture (possibly used as bait for dog fights?), and was found standing over her stillborn foal. When will horses stop being regarded as kicking posts?! Some seriously strict licensing laws need to be introduced. I grew up on a horse ranch in the US and seen some impatient horse-handling, but never have I seen horses killed, abandoned and mistreated like here in Ireland. I don’t know why this is tolerated.”

My Lovely Pony Rescue (Facebook)

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 12.11.10

It was Dublin.

Last week.

From Dublin SPCA:

Meet Digby, he is the 83rd horse our inspectors were called out to last week alone. Digby was found wandering on the main road beside Citywest on Friday. He is not microchipped so yet again we have no way of tracing his owners. Our vets are currently looking into the the reasons for his skin condition and we will let you know as soon as we have an update.
We need your support to help horses like Digby, simply share his story to raise awareness of the importance of traceability or you can donate online to help with his care.


DSPCA donations here

DSPCA (Facebook)


From Smithfield Market to the Dunsink dump in Finglas.

An Unexpected End.

By Italy-born, Dublin-based photographer Gianpaolo la Paglia.

Barbra Leonard writes:

With the many sad and and sorry tales of horses in the media at the moment the following photostory may be of interest to your readers.  It really is hard to believe that these beautiful animals are coming to such a horrible Unexpected End here in Ireland.  This project was made in 2010 and as of yet the story is not getting any better for the horses of Ireland