Staying In This Autumn/Winter?



The forthcoming seasons on RTÉ 2.

A swanky new ident and a party bucket sized ‘feast’ of programmes – some ‘controversial’ – for the “under 35s”.

Over to you, Ballymount Industrial Estate.


Thanks Fergus McCormack

UPDATE: Meanwhile…

Love/Hate, will return to our TV screens on Sunday October 12 and will be set between Dublin and Spain. Like previous series it will run for six episodes following the criminal underworld led by Nidge.

LOVE/HATE Returns on Sunday October 12 (Sunday World)

21 thoughts on “Staying In This Autumn/Winter?

        1. Drogg

          Do you ever notice though all these people don’t have tv’s all have the internet and computers more then capable of watching show. So basically they are proud of watching content on crappy screens.

  1. bozo

    got about half way through and turned off. which is more time then I’ll be spending watching any of that shite.

    1. Mr. T.

      Because people lap it up, not realizing they are watching the same content but with a different name and actors each year.

  2. Hellvetica

    LTV – Lobotomy television.
    Surely the role of the license fee is for there to be some trash, but not ALL trash. This is just forgettable junk food. Getting ‘down’ with the kids shouldn’t mean getting a lobotomy first. Insulting.

  3. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    Damo & Ivor. Jeebus wept. I watched an episode the other night and saw that Rik Mayall played his Dad. He must have been paid a LOT of money to appear in that steaming pile of unoriginal, unfunny sh*te.
    I like the Vikings and Homeland, though.

  4. Sniffin

    I think we need more TV shows about well-off women from Dublin suburbs who open a bottle of red wine every day after work and end up drinking the whole thing.

  5. Jay

    So they are aiming at under 35s, basically people who don’t watch broadcast tv. This is definitely going to work out for them.

    They might stand a chance if Vikings/homeland are on less than 24 hour delay I guess.

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