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Last fall, Andrew Hozier-Byrne, a twenty-four-year-old Irish singer-songwriter with a deep, burnished voice, released his first EP, “Take Me to Church.” The dark and soaring title song struck a nerve: its lyrics confront religious dogma, and its arresting video addresses homophobia and oppression in Russia. The song ricocheted around the Internet, with more than seven million views on YouTube, and the EP went to No. 1 in Ireland. Hozier (he goes by his middle name) grew up in the country, in County Wicklow, and his entertainment was limited to his parents’ record collection: albums by Nina Simone, John Lee Hooker, Tom Waits, and other soul and blues artists. As a teen-ager, he led an eight-piece blues band, and his precocity is evident in his current work, which has the spare lyricism of an old soul. Hozier’s self-titled début album comes out on Oct. 7, and he’s on a headlining tour of North America that ends at Irving Plaza on Nov. 5-6.

Hozier’s portrait and ‘write-up’ in The New Yorker.

Fair play, in fairness.

Fall preview (The New Yorker)

Illustration: Marc Aspinall

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21 thoughts on “Anything Good In The New Yorker?

  1. Drogg

    Hozier is great, i can wait to here his album which i am sure will be amazing. But the picture above makes him look like he is in a mills and boon novel.

      1. Drogg

        His grizzled blues voice sang softly igniting the flame in her loins, as he his fingers plucked the deep bass strings on the guitar, they knew, that this was not just music …… it was a raw passion burning between them. Exploding into a fit of broken guitar strings and passionate moans as they finally embraced.

  2. Custo

    “Hozier grew up in the country … and his entertainment was limited to his parents’ record collection”

    I love how they’ve made it sound like he grew up in a shack in the middle of nowhere without the internet or even television.

  3. jedi

    how come the parent’s record collection is always cool stuff ? blues and soul etc never showbands and sh*te ceilidh music like most Irish parent’s record collections, +1 on the bland , saw him at EP , thought all his songs sounded the same

  4. Derval

    Sinéad O’Connor has a song called Take Me To Church on her latest album.
    Are the 2 songs related in any way?

        1. Llareggub

          Not to be confused with the Hozier song of the same name, the song is called Take Me to Church and no, it’s not a cover version of Hozier’s breakthrough hit of the same name.

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