The social betting app.

Bonzer writes:

“Saw this advertised in the Metro today (page 8) Ridiculous Irish Startup. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that “social betting apps” are a terrible, terrible idea.”

Latest odds:
Terrible, Terrible Idea – evens
Harmless Fun –  10/1
Splutter – 5/1
FIGHT! – 2/1 (Fav)

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11 thoughts on “Can This End Well?

  1. Custo

    “BetYou is another way to have the banter with your friends”

    Because the world needs MORE BANTER


  2. Blublu

    This is an absolutely joke….
    Aaron is taking a 9% edge on this market. Eat your heart out Paddy
    (Also doesn’t know what “(fav)” means)

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