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This afternoon.

Free counselling service Problem Gambling tweetz:

In the first four months of this year, the HSE treated 82 people with gambling problems, nationwide.

In the past four months, we have worked with 72 people, in two locations (Waterford & Dublin), with two staff – and a waiting list of 12 people.

There is an urgent need for statutory funding.

Problem Gambling

An investigation by the regulator revealed that two customers were allowed to gamble “significant sums” of stolen money on the company’s betting exchange, Betfair.

One of the customers was the former boss of Birmingham Dogs Home, Simon Price, who spent money with Betfair that he had stolen from the charity. He was jailed in December for five years for defrauding the charity of £900,000 over a four-year period.

Failings were also identified involving three online customers and in the betting firm’s shops, including weaknesses in its source of wealth and social responsibility checks

Paddy Power Betfair fined £2.2m for failing to stop bets with stolen money (Guardian)

Paddy Power Betfair fined £2.2m over gambling check failings (RTÉ)


The BetYou.ie social betting app.

Bonzer writes:

“Saw this advertised in the Metro today (page 8) Ridiculous Irish Startup. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that “social betting apps” are a terrible, terrible idea.”

Latest odds:
Terrible, Terrible Idea – evens
Harmless Fun –  10/1
Splutter – 5/1
FIGHT! – 2/1 (Fav)

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And not work in the IFSC.

Jamie D’Alton writes:

Here’s a two minute trailer for our new documentary about professional Gambler John O’Shea. Going out tomorrow on Setanta Sports @ 2200 – It’s freeview so even if don’t have Setanta it will be on UPC channel 105 or SKY on channel 423.

While the OCI [Olympic Council of Ireland] is – as yet – merely in receipt of an anonymous email making the allegation, the Irish Independent has taken possession of detailed documentary evidence suggesting the competitor used their personal account with a large bookmaking firm to place two separate bets, both backing a specific opponent to claim victory in a competition they themselves were entered in.

The bets, at a price of 12/1, were placed the day before their competition started. Both were successful and the competitor withdrew €3,600 in cash on returning from the event.


Betting Scandal Claims Rock Irish Olympic Squad (Vincent Hogan, Irish Independent)

DéiseDee writes:

As a former teacher who now works full time in dog welfare, I am disgusted and appalled at Irish Greyhound Board’s poster encouraging schools to do tours of Greyhound Stadiums.I see every day the results of an industry that uses these beautiful dogs as a commodity; dumping and often killing greyhounds that no
longer make money for their owners.

However, putting that aside, why are the IGB allowed to encourage schoolchildren to become the gamblers of tomorrow? Cigarettes and alcohol come with warnings and age restrictions, yet gambling can be freely promoted to underage children?

Given that Gamblers Anonymous now says that gambling addiction is at an all-time high in Ireland, I think this campaign is totally reprehensible. Schools should think of their student’s welfare and completely boycott this attempt to line the pockets of the IGB with blood money.

School Trips (Irish Greyhound Board)