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    1. Flashman

      A great man has passed away.
      He resisted the murderous IRA for decades until they finally accepted that democracy was the only way to achieve their goal.
      Martin McGuinness has recognised that today in his fulsome praise of his once foe who became a friend.
      A remarkable man who served Protestants well in the North and, of course,ultimately defeated theIRA without having to bomb or kill anyone.
      United Ireland my arse.
      Even Catholics in the North don’t want a united Ireland having seen what a mess the muppets down here have made of it.
      Had the pleasure of shaking his hand only a few years ago – a treasured memory.

      1. anomanomanom

        your simplistic view is mind boggling. I have personally seen this bigot orchestra the removal and beating of catholics. So your right, no bombs, just terror and hatred

      2. Same Old Guy

        And there it is. All the fuel ever needed. Lets hope its the begining of the end of all the hate in The North.

      3. Svelte101

        Your attempt at an obituary is so off the mark, I’m sure Ian is looking up at you now having a good chuckle to himself!

      4. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        Compare the Sunningdale Agreement – 1973 – with the Good Friday Agreement, you will see that this gombeen extended the Troubles and cost many Irish people their lives.

        He will not be missed.

        1. Flashman

          The only people who cost lives were the terrorists and the British Army.
          Paisley used the power of speech as his weapon and prevented the murderous IRA scum from any legitimacy until they agreec a peaceful path.
          Paisley was feared and admired by all sides which is what majde him so effective.
          Like Thatcher,Major,Blair,Bertie and Adams/McGuinness his contribution to today’s peace in NI was immense.

          1. Same Old Guy

            He single handely extended the troubles by years, acted as the greatest recruitment agent that the (then dying) IRA could ever have wished for ever and showed his true biggoted colours by protesting against what were simply equal rights advocates. Hungry land grabbing family that just never belonged here. There’s a dying breed thankfully and by that I dont mean Ulster Scots Protestants, what I mean is Self Righteous, Bible bashing, backward thinking, fear inciting bigoted evil people.

          2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            “Like Thatcher,Major,Blair,Bertie and Adams/McGuinness his contribution to today’s peace in NI was immense.”

            You lost me when you included Thatcher in your list. She and Paisley were of the same ilk, neither was a peace maker.

      5. Pete Fitz

        I’ll just leave this here, bear in mind this is in 1966 – ‘Peter Ward and John Scullion were not the only victims of the UVF terror that June. On the day when Spence, Williamson and McClean were arrested, Mrs. Matilda Gould, a 70-year-old widow, died in hospital. She had been severely burned seven weeks earlier when a petrol-bomb was thrown into her home in Upper Charleville Street, between Shankill Road and Crumlin Road. Mrs. Gould, a Protestant, lived next to a public house owned by Catholics. The petrol-bomb which caused her death was intended for them …When Hugh Arnold McClean was charged and cautioned in Brown Square police station on the night of his arrest, he was reported to have said: “I am sorry I ever heard of that man Paisley or decided to follow him.”‘Holy War in Belfast, Andrew Boyd (1969)

      6. Sadface

        A narccissist who betrayed his own bigoted hate filled bile so he could get the big job at the end..Laughing out the other side of his mouth at his former colleges..

        Good riddance!

  1. Finzo Mac

    A man wholly committed to maintaining a status quo of inequality, discrimination, subjugation, distrust and humiliation. He joins Thatcher in the seventh circle of Hell.

  2. andy

    ulster says YUSSSS!!!

    Sad for his family n all but always funny reading obituaries of abhorrent human beings, “now at peace”… after a life consumer by anger and hatred

  3. wearnicehats

    the man was dedicated to his cause as Gerry and Martin were to their cause. And, like the IRA boys, he also sold his soul and sat down with the enemy. Rarely a photo in recent times of him and Martin not rolling around the place laughing. The man had a lot of faults but he was also a nice man. I met him many times as a child as he was friends of a relative of mine. History will probably not be as kind to him as it will be to the shinners and haters on here will hate and hate hard but I’ll miss him as will his family. People on here will see him as a dinosaur, a bigot, a symbol of times past. But so are Gerry and Martin. PAisley was, above all, an ulster nationalist and God bless him for it.

    1. Jess

      Why on earth is being an ulster nationalist a good thing? You can love your country/county without spending most of your efforts making sure 50% of the population aren’t afforded basic human rights.

      I don’t think god will bless him for it, he’ll probably remind him of the whole ‘love thy neighbour’ thing.

    2. Bacchus

      You’re right of course, he was a gentleman but his public side was, perhaps necessarily, almost a caricature. He gave his catholic constituents the same respect and representation as he gave protestants but that’s not going to get told much here.

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        He was a bigot who looked after Catholic constituents. The religion (tribe as I see it) of his fellow man should not have an issue at any time.

    1. Mick Flavin

      Sources close to Mr Andre say that on hearing of Dr Paisley’s death, he emitted a brokenhearted moan, before muttering something about “…mysterious…” and wanting to “hold your body close to mine”. It is presumed that Mr Andre was expressing his wish for a final embrace with the former DUP leader, who “mysteriously” agreed to powersharing with Sinn Féin, after a lifetime of intransigence.

  4. JunkFace

    So long to the Bigot-turned-nice-guy. He was a total prick for decades, but made a humane effort towards the end when he felt the chilly hands of death approaching. What a Christian!

    1. Casey

      So you would prefer that he just remained a bigot his whole life instead of changing his view and representing and embracing a broader political landscape.

      Personally, I admire someone who can change strongly held beliefs for the better but there you go.

  5. True Son of Erin?

    A great man who called out John Paul II for the antichrist he clearly was. All his other faults will be forgiven by history.

  6. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    I would have liked him to survive to see the UK dismantled by his Scottish cousins. One more week is all it would have taken.

  7. wearnicehats

    hilarious to read the usual free state one-sided poor wee us oppressed for years Sunday Boring Sunday Take that Omagh blah blah blah. Both sides were bigots, both sides were murderers, both sides extended the troubles for years, both sides sat down and worked together and ended it all. That’s the legacy that those who lived with it will remember.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      In South Africa, were both sides bigots?

      It is nice that you live in a world where there are only bad guys. The rest of us can use judgement to figure out that the blokes with the power and guns and oppressive laws are usually the bad guys.

        1. Sancho

          Seriously, you really dont believe that gerrymandering occurred and that Catholics suffered institutional discrimination? Say what you want about the IRA and Adams/McGuinness but to suggest that the ordinary catholic citizens in the North either didn’t suffer such discrimination or that they deserved it, is to admit you have your head in the sand or that you’re a bigot.

    2. Dubloony

      Except the Doc let everyone else do the talking, negotiating and when they had some sort of solution, he happily took power. He did not make one positive contribution in ending the troubles and never acknowledged that his carry on was part of starting it.

      Am turning off the tv, radio & internet for next few days.

    3. Parp

      Both sides may well have been bigots, murderers etc., but Paisley is the topic here so that is completely irrelevant.

    1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

      I liked that black Russian General type hat he wore

      And all in all Great news. A whole new Good Friday is one us.

      Off now to set a bona’ to celebrate

    1. Flashman

      Aye,he was spell-binding.
      Paisley,Tony Benn and Arthur Scargill were the greatest public speakers I ever witnessed.

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