First Among Unequals




Ferret McGruber writes:

“The gap between rich and poor has expanded nearly everywhere in the last few years, but nowhere more than here in Ireland (see graph). Yesterday the UN voted to introduce a protective framework against ‘vulture funds’ for insolvent nations.
The resolution was carried with 124 in favour and only eleven nations against. One of the 11 nations to vote against the resolution: Ireland. I’m lying down lads. Put your boots on me neck…”

The Vultures Come Home To Roost (I.Doubt.It)

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10 thoughts on “First Among Unequals

  1. InGen

    The eleven countries which voted against were Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, the US and UK.

    1. Formerly known as

      The current Aussie Federal Government are scumbags, so I am not surprised that they voted that way.

  2. blueswannabe

    But..but we can’t tax the rich, they already pay SO MUCH in tax – *every government politician, obviously lying through their teeth*

  3. Assfrombelunker

    “Only Greece, Portugal and Papua New Guinea have bigger debts as a proportion of their economies.”

    Japan? Bueller? Japan?

    43 second googlising would have provided the truth and the light so excuse if I disregard the remaining unchecked horse shite.

    1. Richard Chapman

      I could perhaps have stated it more explicitly, but I was only talking about foreign debt. Japan’s public burden is indeed far larger as a proportion of GDP, but is mostly owed to Japanese lenders.

      Many hours were spent googlising! The source of the debt-to-GDP figures is JubileeDebt.Org.

  4. Kolmo

    ‘distressed’ property debt and assets sold to foreign vulture funds, at a discount with an additional tax break for good luck, encouraged by FG and all the spivs and shills in our Do’B owned media – rotten.

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