The Revolution Will Be Televised


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Today’s Irish Daily Mail

Ali Bracken and Eamon Donoghue, of the Irish Daily Mail, report [not online] that they’ve seen video footage of security staff filming protesters at Irish Water protests in Dublin.

They report:

In one video obtained by this newspaper, a [Irish Water] contractor in Swords, north Co. Dublin, assisting the water meter installers in July tells assembled protesters: “I want to make you aware you are in breach and you are being video-recorded at this moment of time and you are being video-recorded being told – and in some point in the future we may take you to court, it is an offence [against] section 12 [of the] Water Services Act.’

The worker continued: ‘But video evidence can be used at any time. I just want you to be aware of that. We now have video evidence of you breaching these rules…I’m not threatening you but I reserve the right to prosecute, and this is a promise is what I’m making (sic).’

Irish Water confirmed to the Mail last night that a contractor hired by them was recording some of the protesters. The semi-State company said in a statement that under section 12 of the 2007 Water Services Act, it is an offence for anyone to obstruct or interfere with a water services authority.


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22 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Be Televised

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      Probably a little nervous.

      I would be if I was confronting the scrotes I’ve seen harassing workers in videos all over youtube.

      1. Mr. T.

        I’ve seen people protesting. 99% are just householders, mothers and fathers exercising their democratic right to peaceful protest.

        This action by Irish Water is an attempt to criminalize legal protest by blurring the lines and making people feel like they are breaking the law when they may not be at all.

    2. Llareggub

      “and you are being video-recorded being told”

      We do be doin’ dat so we do be. I seen yis on Youtubes bein’ tolded.

    1. Mister Mister

      Does’t bother the bunch of goons filming the guys with their phones while they try to go about a bit of days work.

      Such idiots, they cry foul when the same thing is done to them. They might fear the labour inspector might spot them.

  1. Drogg

    So this means if you are going to protest wear a balaclava and be more aggressive as to make it count. It’s an Orwellian little country we are.

  2. Just sayin'

    I’m sure some of the Socialist protestors are recording the Irish Water sub-contractors too. I don’t see the problem.

      1. smoothlikemurphys

        Ending up with a video cut to the precise moment that one of the protestors gets a shove, and then passed around as ‘evidence’ of Irish Water bully tactics.

        Maybe this will make the career protestors/anti-everything brigade think twice about how they conduct themselves in future.

  3. John

    So basically, ‘protests keep turning violent, and the guys who keep getting attacked are wrong for using a peaceful means to try protect themselves’?

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      Yeah but it’s beedin proper violence like, for the peeples like, who don’t bleedin want the water whatsits. Nanyway what did yer man Larkin said about the poor peeples been trodden on and dat!!

      ‘nanyway in’t there bleedin water everywhere

      Gerouva it ya pox or I’ll burst ya wit yer bleedin poxy water whatsit and yer stupid bleedin helmet camera

  4. dec

    I thought the protestors were filming them anyway. It makes sense for a contractor worried about getting sued to record stuff. sort of like the clampers taking before and after pictures of your car

    1. Kieran NYC

      Whoever took the photos for the paper, duh.

      And then someone took photos of the photos in the paper. Which you’re now reading.

      So who’s photographing *you*?


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