Last Seen in Baggot Street




Elderly and off the leash.

Denis O’Riordan writes:

“Molly is a 14 year old mix breed Lab that has been missing since last night. We are very worried about her at this stage, poor thing is very feeble. Please keep an eye out for her. We live in Ballsbridge [Dublin] area. She was last seen in Baggot street. Thankyou.”


1am UPDATE: Molly found (see comments)

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23 thoughts on “Last Seen in Baggot Street

  1. Likely Scenario

    Saw a similar dog on Lr Drumcondra rd, walking towards the city, in the bus lane contra traffic, hence I noticed, at 12.00 today.

  2. Betty

    Last night about 8pm at Lazer lane, Grand Canal. Noticed her as she looked sweet, but lost. Am around here all day today (and this evening) and will keep an eye out. Best of luck!

  3. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

    The dog’s been found.
    From Facebook:
    “I contacted owner who was In tears when she was informed that lovely Jane Seaman had posted on Dublin SPCA page that she had found this dog, I passed on her number what a lovely call to make …Jane has posted they have made contact with the owner everyone. She was so very thankful, in tears. Will update as soon as they are reunited, which may not be until tomorrow morning : ) WELL DONE ALL INVOLVED, Dublin SPCA ,Jane Seaman who kept her safe and all for sharing xx FB works great as we are all a team “

  4. Betty

    Delighted, well done to Jane. Something resonated with this dog (and I am not a dog person (maybe unfortunately)), but when I passed that dog, she was looking for a pal, and I felt bad I didn’t stop. A nice lesson to learn. I should have stopped.

    1. dbltr

      Great news for all involved. Would it be too much to ask for the person who put up all the missing Molly posters in the D2 and D4 area to remove them as well as pick up the ones that have fallen off lamp posts and are now littering the streets the area?

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